This is how Telkom’s Unlimited FreeMe fair use policy works

Telkom’s FreeMe contract and prepaid packages aim to simplify the operator’s product offering.

Subscribers select how much data they need, and everything but off-network calling is bundled for free.

The packages include free calls to Telkom numbers, free SMS messages, and free access to Telkom’s Wi-Fi hotspots.

Data used by WhatsApp, BBM, and Viber is zero-rated, whether you’re sending text or media messages or making calls.

If you’re on a 20GB or Unlimited data package, free voice minutes for calls to other networks are also included.

These free allocations are governed by a fair use policy, as detailed below.

Telkom FreeMe fair use policy limits

Telkom FreeMe FUPs
FreeMe service Limit Out of FUP
SMS 50 per day R0.30 per message
IM* data 2GB per month Speed throttled: 64kbps
Telkom calls 3,000 minutes per month Case-by-case basis
Wi-Fi 10GB per month Add-on bundle needed
*Instant Messengers supported include WhatsApp, BBM, and Viber.

Fair use limits for FreeMe 20GB and Unlimited

Telkom’s FreeMe 20GB and Unlimited data packages include free voice minutes to other networks, and the Unlimited plan has uncapped data.

These are also governed by a fair use policy.

If you use more than 25GB of data on the Unlimited plan, your speed will be throttled until the start of the next calendar month. Alternatively, you can buy extra data bundles.

Telkom FreeMe 20GB and Unlimited FUP limits
FreeMe bundle Limit Out of FUP
Off-net calls on 20GB 1,500 minutes per month R0.69 per minute, billed per second
Off-net calls on Unlimited 3,000 minutes per month R0.69 per minute, billed per second
Unlimited data 25GB Speed throttled to 128kbps

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This is how Telkom’s Unlimited FreeMe fair use policy works