Companies are wasting R3 billion a year on cellphone bills – Tariffic

Cellphone-bill-optimisation company Tariffic estimates that local companies are wasting more than R3 billion a year on their cellphone spend.

Tariffic’s CEO Antony Seeff said they have received feedback from companies that it is “impossible for them to manage their company spend, their abuse, and their upgrades”.

Seeff said their Tariffic Online product, a “Cellular Management Platform”, can help companies curb wasteful expenditure.

The company calculated that, of the contracts it has analysed, each contract wastes approximately R280 per month.

One of the saving areas is ensuring employees have the correct data bundles added on to their contracts, as out-of-bundle rates are much higher than in-bundle prices.

11% of contracts aren’t even used

Tariffic also indicated that 11% of corporate lines analysed have no usage.

“Usually when an employee leaves a company or moves roles, the SIM cards then land up gathering dust in a desk drawer somewhere while the company is still charged every month,” said Seeff.

Another problem area is “extra costs”, where employee contracts are being charged for WASP services, for example.

Employees abusing their contracts can lead to a company’s budget being drained – this includes high data usage and airtime transfers.

“We have even found some employees doing airtime transfer off their SIM cards to other people of more than R25,000 per month.”

Vodacom owns the corporate market

Tariffic stated that Vodacom continues to own the lion’s share of the corporate cellphone market in South Africa.

“More than 80% of all corporate contracts analysed by Tariffic over the years belong to the Vodacom network.”

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Companies are wasting R3 billion a year on cellphone bills – Tariffic