Cellphone tower made my dogs fight and I have covered my windows with tinfoil

Residents of the Durban neighbourhood Glenmore are suffering from short tempers, aggressive pets, and sleepless nights – which they have attributed to the erection of a cellphone tower in the area.

According to a report by The Independent on Saturday, residents have also been suffering from extreme exhaustion and swollen joints.

The report stated that the tower was initially designed to be a mast for CCTV cameras, commissioned by the eThekwini municipality.

Residents said they were “hoodwinked”, though, as MTN logos are present on the tower and cameras have not been installed.

They said the tower is being used for “cellphone and data signals” and is emitting “electromagnetic waves which are affecting their health”.

Tinfoil on the windows

Local resident Andre van Rooyen said he started feeling “out of sorts” and would wake up “10 to 15 times a night” after the tower was installed.

Van Rooyen said he and his wife don’t normally have short tempers, but lately they had been acting out of character.

Their “normally docile Maltese poodle” had also started barking “a lot more” and their other dog had started biting their son.

To counter the alleged effects of the tower’s electromagnetic waves, Van Rooyen covered his bedroom windows with tinfoil.

He said he has been sleeping better since he did this.

The city council said the tower is not active yet, according to the report, while MTN referred questions about the tower to the eThekwini Municipality.

Andre van Rooyen - Tinfoil Windows
Andre van Rooyen and his tinfoil windows. (The Independent on Saturday newspaper.)

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Cellphone tower made my dogs fight and I have covered my windows with tinfoil