Red Vodacom branding emerges

Vodacom will rebrand in April 2011 with a look and feel which is closely aligned to its parent company Vodafone.

There has been speculation that the name Vodacom will be replaced by Vodafone, but according to sources close to the company, this is not the case.

Vodacom is a very strong South African brand, and it is understood that Vodacom will be the first Vodafone operation which will keep its name when rebranding.

All of Vodafone’s global networks operate under the Vodafone brand – like Vodafone Australia and Vodafone New Zealand – which makes Vodacom unique in that it will remain Vodacom South Africa, despite being a Vodafone operation.

The new logo resembles the Vodafone logo using both the font and the familiar ‘speech mark mark’ logo, but with the Vodacom name.

New Vodacom Red Logo

Vodacom has already removed their traditional branding from many locations, and has started to rebrand places such as the Ponte Building in Hillbrow with their new red colour (Ponte building Vodacom branding image here).

It is also likely that the “Power To You” slogan will play a prominent role in the new Vodacom branding campaign.

Vodacom recently lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) against Cell C for using the term ‘Power to you.’

Vodafone has been using the tagline “Power to you” in the company’s global marketing campaign (which included South Africa) since 2009.

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Red Vodacom branding emerges