We used 200-times the fair usage limit on MTN’s R79 uncapped data bundle

MyBroadband recently tested MTN’s One Day Uncapped bundle, which gave us 1.57GB for R40.

This was despite the bundle’s fair usage limit set to 150MB, which saw download speeds throttled to 128kbps once this was reached.

Following the success of this test, we bought the One Day bundle’s big brother – the MTN Sky Daily Uncapped mobile data bundle.

The bundle is R79 and includes the following:

  • “Unlimited” mobile data usage for 24 hours (20MB FUP)
  • 150 free minutes to any network
  • 400 SMSs

MTN’s Terms and Conditions state that once the fair usage limit – 20MB – is reached, the connection speed will be limited to 384Kbps.

The test

For the test, we wanted to see how much data we could use on the uncapped bundle throughout the course of a “normal day”.

The My Data Manager application was installed on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and was used to monitor mobile data usage.

We ensured the MTN prepaid SIM in the device did not have any existing airtime or data before purchasing the uncapped mobile data bundle.

The bundle can be purchased by dialing *141*2#, navigating to PayAsYouGo, and selecting MTN Sky Daily Uncapped.

Users can choose whether to purchase the bundle on a once-off or recurring basis, and are notified via SMS when the bundle is activated.

After purchasing the bundle and ensuring it was activated, we began the downloads.

Data usage

We first fired up a 10-hour YouTube video in addition to downloading test files in the background, ensuring we used up the data as quickly as possible.

The fair use limit of 20MB was exceeded quickly, but the connection speed remained at around 40Mbps beyond this limit.

It was at 276MB of total data used, seven minutes into the test, that we received an SMS from MTN stating the fair usage limit had been reached.

MTN Sky Daily fair usage

At this point, the connection speed slowed, and speed tests showed a download speed of 0.38Mbps and an upload speed of 0.56Mbps.

With the speed of the connection now throttled, we left YouTube videos and file downloads running on the S7 Edge.

The mobile data soldiered on at its limited speed and managed to deliver impressive results – with our test running from 07:30 – 22:00 on a week day.

The total data used from the bundle was 4.08GB – over 200-times the stated fair usage policy of 20MB.

It must be noted that the uncapped bundle is valid for 24 hours, meaning you can squeeze more data out of it if wanted.

At R80 for the bundle, our test showed you essentially get 4GB at R20 per GB – which is enough to download music, movies, and game updates during the day.

The My Data Manager graph below shows the data used per hour for the duration of the test.

MTN Sky Daily usage graph

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We used 200-times the fair usage limit on MTN’s R79 uncapped data bundle