SqwidNet IoT network in South Africa growing fast

SqwidNet is currently rolling out an ultra-narrowband Sigfox IoT network in South Africa, and aggressively growing its coverage.

SqwidNet’s Sigfox network enables low-cost, low-power, and secure connectivity for IoT data transmission upon which IoT devices, platforms, applications, and solutions can be developed.

The SqwidNet network currently covers 64% of the population of South Africa, up from 38% in May this year.

The company is currently working to cover all major and national roads, and this is expected to be completed within the next two months.

It is also in the process of rolling out customer-specific coverage for the agricultural sector, which includes areas that currently have no connectivity options other than satellite.

New commercial deployments

SqwidNet has a number of commercial deployments, ranging from security notification solutions, asset tracking, tamper detection, and environmental monitoring.

“We have more than 30 pilot projects running across a number of industry verticals and hope to see a majority of those come into commercial operation in the next three to six months,” it said.

SqwidNet added that it continues to work closely with its channel and ecosystem partners to bring meaningful digital transformation projects to life using IoT.

“We are also seeing a surge in demand from neighbouring countries, which we are investigating,” said SqwidNet.

Low-cost IoT service in SA

SqwidNet has announced that it will also bring a new simplified connectivity service from SIGFOX to South Africa.

The service makes it possible to transform any short-range wireless device into a long-range IoT device, and hardware components for the solution start at $0.20

SIGFOX demonstrated the service with a prototype wireless module inside a cardboard envelope, which triggered a text message when the envelope was opened.

The cost of this wireless module has been cut down by using an ultra-thin battery, ultra-thin contacts, and an ultra-low-cost module.

“It is now possible to connect hundreds of millions of devices across verticals and sub-verticals, which were previously not viable from a cost perspective,” said SqwidNet CEO Reshaad Sha.

“From $12 in 2015, to $2 in 2017, and now at $0.20, the dropping costs of this hardware will present significant opportunities for new vertical use cases in the logistics and retail verticals.”

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SqwidNet IoT network in South Africa growing fast