Rain working to optimise LTE sites experiencing congestion

Rain has stated that it is working to optimise its LTE sites which are experiencing congestion.

The company is also deploying more sites to alleviate congestion on its network.

Rain, which provides high-speed fixed-LTE services across South Africa, said it has experienced congestion on a small percentage of sites.

“Currently, Rain has 1,880 active sites in major metropolitan areas throughout the country,” it said.

“The congestion during peak time is only affecting a small percentage of users. The vast majority of our users are still enjoying a very good service with average speeds from 15Mbps, with the best we have seen exceeding 100Mbps.”

“We are making good progress optimising the network to alleviate congestion, and will continue work on improving it,” said Rain.

Rain’s statement comes after several users complained to MyBroadband about slow performance on the LTE network – with speeds of below 1Mbps in certain cases.

Popular packages

Rain’s LTE packages have proven popular in South Africa since their launch, with industry sources telling MyBroadband the service has sold well via local ISPs.

Many ISPs also reported Huawei router shortages, due to the uptake of Rain packages which come with Huawei LTE devices.

Rain announced towards the end of 2017 that it was limiting the devices which could function on its fixed-LTE network.

The move blocked the use of smartphones on the network, with only the following routers supported as of 1 November 2017:

  • Huawei B315
  • Huawei B618
  • Huawei B2338 (Outdoor)
  • ZTE MF253
  • ZTE MF283+
  • ZTE MF286

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Rain working to optimise LTE sites experiencing congestion