Why Telkom removed Netflix from LIT’s video service

Telkom subscribers on FreeMe 5GB packages and up who qualify for LIT Video have reported that Netflix is no longer supported.

LIT Video gives users data every month for video streaming from a selection of services, without using their main data bundle.

FreeMe 5GB contracts and up get 50GB of video streaming data, for example.

With Netflix removed from LIT’s supported services, the implication is that it can no longer benefit from the video streaming data.

Netflix has also not made it onto Telkom’s LIT TV box, although at launch the company stated it was waiting for approval from Netflix.

Netflix support

The managing director for consumer and mobile at Telkom, Attila Vitai, stated that Netflix approval may take longer than initially thought – resulting in Netflix being removed from the LIT offering.

“We had a verbal agreement with Netflix that we would provide free streaming for its platform with LIT,” said Vitai.

“When we were preparing to launch LIT, Netflix wanted to certify the LIT box and explained that it’s a standard procedure that should be completed before we go live.”

Before Telkom was set to launch LIT, however, Netflix said it had a backlog of devices that needed testing.

“Netflix didn’t expect to be able to certify our box anytime soon.”

Telkom was faced with the prospect of delaying the launch of LIT indefinitely, but had already communicated the service to the public.

It then contacted Netflix and asked if it could proceed with the launch. “Netflix had no objection,” said Vitai.

The wait for Netflix to certify Telkom’s media player continued, and Netflix then recommended a number of alternative boxes for Telkom to use in the interim.

Telkom said it was unhappy with the options Netflix presented.

“Ours [LIT TV media player] is a state-of-the-art Android 7 device. We didn’t want to go to a lower-tier device, or a more expensive brand of device,” said Vitai.

Telkom is still in contact with Netflix and hopes to resolve the situation around its LIT TV box.

Until then, it is not entitled to facilitate people watching Netflix through the box.

To err on the side of caution, Vitai said they have therefore decided not to support Netflix as part of LIT Video.

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Why Telkom removed Netflix from LIT’s video service