We got 1GB of mobile data for R40 from MTN

In 2017, we tested MTN’s One Day Uncapped data bundle to see how much we could squeeze out of it.

The One Day Uncapped bundle is priced at R40 and provides “unlimited” mobile data usage for 24 hours.

MTN’s Terms and Conditions state that the fair usage policy for the bundle is 150MB. Once this limit is reached, speeds are throttled to 128kbps.

In our previous test, our connection was throttled after using 462MB of data – well above the fair usage limit set by MTN.

We ended up consuming an impressive 1.57GB while the bundle was active, with most of the data usage throttled at 0.15Mbps.

As gaining this amount of data from a R40 bundle was impressive, we tested if MTN still allows such heavy usage.

Fair usage test

For the test, we took an MTN SIM and purchased a One Day Uncapped bundle from the USSD menu.

Users are required to manually activate the bundle by dialling *141*5#, selecting Manage Bundles, and then the option to activate the One Day Uncapped bundle.

MTN then sent us an SMS confirming the bundle was active.

We used a Nokia 5 smartphone as our device and the My Data Manager app to track the data usage.

Data used

The initial download and upload speeds the bundle gave us was 31.72Mbps and 35.78Mbps respectively, using the MyBroadband Speed Test App.

We also set up a long, hiqh-quality YouTube video which resulted in a large amount of mobile data usage.

We then received a fair usage policy warning from MTN as the My Data Manager app reflected 152MB of data usage.

The SMS stated that the connection speed would be restricted to 128kbps, as we had exceeded 150MB.


Our download speed fell instantly, and the high-quality YouTube video began to buffer constantly – but continued playing.

To ensure we were using as much data as possible, we initiated an 8-hour YouTube video and 1GB file download simultaneously on the Nokia 5, to see how much data we could use before the bundle expired.

The download and video playback were slow, but we managed to bring the total data usage from the uncapped bundle to 1.09GB.

This was measured over a period of 24 hours, from 12:30 on a Wednesday to 12:30 the next day.

While the fair usage policy kicked in earlier than it did during our 2017 test, we still managed to download well over 1GB at a cost of R40.

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We got 1GB of mobile data for R40 from MTN