We’re taking FNB Connect to the next level – CEO

FNB Connect is showing impressive performance in South Africa, according to FNB CEO Jacques Celliers.

Speaking in an interview with MyBroadband, Celliers said the virtual network operator has reached over 500,000 mobile subscribers in the country.

He added that FNB Connect has shown continued growth and customers are happy with the service, despite a few obstacles along the way.

“Our first phase was experimentation,” said Celliers.

“Then we took the project into a pilot stage, and now we have some real scale behind the network.”

FNB Connect previously suffered downtime and billing discrepancies, but Celliers said the company has learned from its mistakes and is preparing to improve its FNB Connect offering.

“We have learned from the mistakes we have made and are reconfiguring our network, and then we will take FNB Connect to the next level,” said Celliers.

FNB customers have multiple incentives to use the FNB Connect MVNO, including the ability to earn 15% of their Connect SIM spend back in eBucks.

Mobile app

One of the advantages of FNB Connect is its integration with FNB’s banking services and mobile app.

The FNB app is zero-rated across all networks, which means FNB customers consume no data when managing their finances through the mobile app.

Celliers said the ability to manage mobile subscriptions through the same interface as online banking is an attractive offering for FNB Connect customers.

“It is awesome to log in and manage your SIM card just the same way as you would manage your online banking,” said Celliers.

FNB Connect, which runs on the Cell C network, offers users a variety of cellular services, including standard voice minute and mobile data packages.

The purchasing of the bundles is integrated into the banks’s eBucks rewards programme, meaning users can receive discounts depending on their reward level.

FNB also offers ConeXis smartphones through FNB Connect, FNB-branded devices which are free to users on high eBucks reward levels.

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We’re taking FNB Connect to the next level – CEO