Surprise MTN speed test results in Vodacom CEO’s office block

Over the years, many MTN subscribers have complained about poor connectivity on the Vodacom campus – especially when attending events at Vodacom World.

The poor MTN connectivity at Vodacom World has resulted in theories that Vodacom jams MTN signals on its campus and in its buildings.

To test this theory, MyBroadband visited the Vodacom campus and tested the coverage and performance of all the mobile operators.

It quickly became apparent that the MTN signal jamming concerns were unfounded – there was good MTN coverage on the Vodacom campus and in many of the Vodacom buildings.

In fact, the speed tests showed that MTN had a better performance in Vodacom’s Corporate Park – where CEO Shameel Joosub’s office is located – than Vodacom.

It is true, however, that the conference facility in Vodacom World has very poor MTN coverage.

Many of MyBroadband’s MTN speed tests inside the Vodacom World conference venue failed or had very poor results.

The table below provides an overview of the speed tests we conducted.

Speeds on Vodacom’s Campus
Location Vodacom MTN Cell C Telkom
Corporate Park 12.18Mbps 28.01Mbps 5.98Mbps 29.57Mbps
Vodacom World 67.05Mbps 0.07Mbps 4.72Mbps 25.72Mbps
Full Vodacom Campus 31.54Mbps 14.71Mbps 3.41Mbps 20.92Mbps

Vodacom explains

Vodacom stated that there may be a few spots with poor MTN coverage inside buildings on its campus, and this is to be expected.

MTN’s coverage on the Vodacom campus is serviced by sites outside of the campus, without any indoor cells.

This means that indoor coverage varies in each of the nine main buildings that constitute the Vodacom campus, as well as areas within these buildings.

Not a Vodacom-only problem

When visiting the MTN campus, Vodacom subscribers may find themselves without any service when they are inside a building.

MTN confirmed that the coverage of other mobile operators inside its 14th Avenue building in Roodepoort is poor.

“While we do not actively degrade any operators’ signals, indoor signal penetration by other operators remains of a poor quality,” said MTN.

Speed tests and signal strength

The photo below shows the signal strength of the different operators in Vodacom’s Corporate Park, using the MyBroadband Speed Test App.

The values are measured in decibel-milliwatts. A signal of -60dBm is very strong, while -112dBm is poor.

Corporate Park

The photo below shows the performance of the different operators in Vodacom World’s conference venue.

Vodacom World

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Surprise MTN speed test results in Vodacom CEO’s office block