Big Hole, average data speeds

MyBroadband recently tested the mobile network quality in Kimberley as part of its countrywide mobile network testing project.

The MyBroadband network testing project is conducted in partnership with Afristay and Samsung, and provides a comprehensive look at cellular network quality in South Africa.

Coverage and data throughput tests are conducted using the MyBroadband Speed Test App, running on our Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone test bench.

A SIM from Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom is used in the Galaxy S9 phones, and performance tests are conducted at regular intervals.

MyBroadband’s speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres to ensure an impartial testing environment.

The N8 and N12

The latest route covered was from Gauteng through Kimberley, along the N8 from Bloemfontein and the N12 towards Warrenton.

Thousands of speed tests were conducted along the route and in the cities.

We then calculated the Network Quality Score for the region and for each of the towns, which took download speed, upload speed, and latency into account.

The Network Quality Score out of 10 shows how the networks performed in relation to each other.

Understanding the maps below: Each of the red dots with a green circle around it indicates a test in that area. Larger red dots indicate multiple tests.


MTN outperformed Vodacom in Kimberley, with its average download speed at 25Mbps in the city. The average upload throughput was 10Mbps.

Vodacom saw download speeds of 19Mbps and uploads of 9Mbps. The top two networks were tied for the best latency.


Northern Cape N12 route

Vodacom had the best overall network quality along the N12 between Kimberley and Warrenton, achieving an average download speed of 12Mbps.

MTN came in second place, with Telkom taking third spot.

Northern Cape N12 Route

Where we stayed — Oleander Guest House

Oleander guest house socialising area

Oleander The Office room

Located in Kimberley, the Oleander is an excellent guest house that gives you the best of both the antique and the modern.

It has a beautiful and quaint front-of-house, complete with wooden floors, and then a more modern expansion where its luxurious rooms are located.

Separate from the rooms in the front of the establishment is its restaurant, the Laurier Blanc.

During our stay, the Laurier Blanc was the best burger joint in Kimberley, and also offered an amazing selection of wines, craft beers, brandies, and whiskies.

What we saw

Kimberley Big Hole statistics
No trip to Kimberley is complete without a visit to The Big Hole.
Kimberley from the bridge over The Big Hole
View of Kimberley from the bridge over The Big Hole.
Kimberley The Big Hole
The Big Hole.
Northern Cape Provincial Legislature in Kimberley
Northern Cape Provincial Legislature in Kimberley.
Salt pans outside Kimberley
Salt pans outside Kimberley.

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Big Hole, average data speeds