Rain’s mobile data prices easily beat Vodacom and MTN bundles

Rain launched its mobile packages last week, with a unique offer to consumers.

There is a single package available – mobile data at 5c per MB, which works out to R50 per GB.

Users are only charged for the data they use, and as there are no bundles or OOB rates, customers will not lose unused data or face bill shock.

Rain is also offering users the option of a R250-per-month unlimited data add-on, where users receive unlimited mobile data usage for 19 hours a day.

Peak-hour usage – 18:00 to 23:00 – is excluded from the add-on.

As a launch promotion, users who buy a Rain Mobile SIM-only or device bundle also receive unlimited data usage for between 15 to 90 days.

Dual SIM

With its single package on offer, Rain Mobile is an attractive option for many smartphone users.

The fact that data is charged at 5c per MB means that users will not have to worry about using a data bundle or contract allocation during a month – in fear of it expiring.

Mobile data expiry rules are set to be addressed by mobile operators thanks to new ICASA regulations, but these have been put on hold after an urgent interdict from Cell C against ICASA.

At R50 per GB, Rain Mobile – a data-only network – is also substantially cheaper than competing offers from the major mobile networks.

There are also no contracts from Rain, and users only pay for the data they use – meaning there is no need for a long-term commitment with the network if you are unhappy with the service.

Where Rain does not fare so well, however, is the anytime-high-usage space, and if a consumer wants a new smartphone and can only afford to obtain one through a traditional contract.

This may not prove to be an issue, though, as the majority of Rain’s mobile target market will not use copious amounts of mobile data per month.

Additionally, its first two device bundles – the Huawei P20 Lite and Huawei Y7 – are dual-SIM smartphones, implying that a user would have a Rain SIM in one slot for their mobile data requirements, and a SIM from a major operator in the other slot for voice services.


To see how Rain Mobile competes against Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, and MTN, we compared its data price to packages from the mobile operators.

As Rain only offers a single package, the comparisons in the table below reflect the rand pricing for data when usage amounts would be at the same level as competing bundles.

For example, while Rain does not offer a 4GB monthly data bundle, using 4GB at R50 per GB would see a Rain user paying R200 for the data.

It is also important to note that Rain Mobile does not offer traditional voice services.

Prepaid comparison

Prepaid Data (30 Days)
Network Anytime Data Price
Rain 1GB R50
Telkom 1GB R99
MTN 1GB R149
Vodacom 1GB R149
Cell C 1GB R149
Rain 2GB R100
Telkom 2GB R139
MTN 1.5GB R189
Vodacom 2GB R249
Cell C 2GB R249
Rain 3GB R150
Telkom 3GB R199
Vodacom 3GB R299
MTN 3GB R299
Cell C 3GB R299
Rain 5GB R250
Telkom 5GB R299
Cell C 5GB R399
MTN 6GB R399
Vodacom 5GB R404
MTN 10GB R499
Telkom 10GB R499
Rain 10GB R500
Vodacom 10GB R605

As shown in the table above, Rain’s single tariff of R50 per GB beats competing 30-day data bundles, all the way up to the 10GB mark.

It also offers the advantage of not having to forecast your usage for the month, and risk buying too much or too little in terms of data bundles – which can see users waste money.

Contract comparison

It is important to note that Rain does not provide mobile contracts, while the deals below from competing mobile networks are only available as long-terms packages.

Contract Data (24 Months)
Network Anytime Data Price
Rain 1GB R50
Telkom 1GB R60
Vodacom 1GB R76
Cell C 1GB R76
Rain 2GB R100
Telkom 2GB R100
Cell C 2GB R100
Vodacom 2GB R109
MTN 3GB R149
Rain 3GB R150
Cell C 3GB R170
Vodacom 3GB R171
MTN 5GB R199
Telkom 5GB R200
Cell C 5GB R201
Rain 5GB R250
Vodacom 5GB R259
MTN 10GB R299
Cell C 10GB R302
Telkom 10GB R355
Rain 10GB R500

As shown above, Rain’s single-tariff option remains competitive against mobile data contracts from competitors up to the 3GB mark, despite not requiring users to sign a 24-month contract.

For heavy smartphone data users, a larger contract does offer better value for money, but only if you use your full allocation of data every month.

To see how the networks compare from a speed and coverage point of view, check out our latest network test article.

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Rain’s mobile data prices easily beat Vodacom and MTN bundles