Great 20GB fixed-LTE deals in South Africa

While fixed-LTE services can be used as a primary connection for your home, many users have an LTE package as a backup in case their fibre or DSL goes down.

Fixed-LTE is a great interim measure if your high-speed primary connection goes down, as many LTE networks offer download speeds of 50Mbps and up.

If you acquire a fixed-LTE product as a backup for your primary connection, however, you will not need spades of data.

The plan is to use the LTE for a day or two while whatever issues with your fibre or DSL is resolved, and then switch back to the fixed line.

While you may cut back on the massive downloads during this time, your browsing, email, video streaming, and VoIP usage must still be taken care of as normal.

20GB deals

Cue a small-cap fixed LTE package, which can satisfy these needs.

A cap of around 20GB, for example, should do the job if you average one outage a month – which is hopefully well above what you will typically experience.

To see what is available to users in South Africa in this segment, we compared the pricing of various small-cap fixed-LTE packages – detailed below.

Fixed LTE Pricing
Package Details Price pm
Axxess 20GB Cell C LTE, SIM Only R219
MWEB 20GB Cell C LTE, SIM Only R219
Vox 25GB Rain LTE R299
Afrihost 25GB Rain LTE, Free Huawei B315 R299
Telkom 10GB Double Data Telkom LTE, 20GB Anytime, 20GB Night Surfer Data, SIM Only R349
MTN 15GB MTN LTE, Free [email protected] B612, 15GB Night Data R369
Telkom 20GB Double Data Telkom LTE, 40GB Anytime, 40GB Night Surfer Data, SIM Only R449

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Great 20GB fixed-LTE deals in South Africa