Telkom confirms smartphone battery drain problems on LTE

MyBroadband recently conducted battery life tests using four Nokia 5 smartphones to determine if battery depletion was worse on Telkom Mobile when connected to its LTE network.

The tests followed multiple complaints from Telkom Mobile users regarding high battery drain when LTE was enabled.

Users reported the issue across multiple smartphones, including Android and iOS devices.

To identify if there was an issue, we inserted a SIM from each major network into a Nokia 5 – with LTE enabled – to test their battery life.

The same Google account was used across all the test devices, and all settings – such as screen brightness and Data Saver – were checked prior to testing to ensure consistency.

The tests showed a large difference in battery usage between Telkom Mobile and the other operators, despite similar signal strengths.

This matched the reports from MyBroadband readers and forum members, and hinted at increased power usage by a device’s LTE modem when connecting to Telkom Mobile’s network.

Following our tests, Telkom was contacted by MyBroadband about the matter.

Further investigation required

Following an initial investigation, Telkom told MyBroadband it has identified a problem with battery depletion on the Nokia 5 when connected to its LTE network.

Telkom spokesperson Nomalungelo Faku said the operator needed to conduct further tests before it could confirm MyBroadband’s results, but it has found the same issue.

“We were not aware of the issue with the Nokia 5 smartphone and needed to do some tests,” said Faku.

“The tests found there was a problem with battery life depletion.”

Telkom is continuing to investigate the cause of the problem and said it would attempt to fix it as quickly as possible.

“We are conducting network investigations to identify the root cause and are exploring various options to improve battery life,” said Faku.

“We will work swiftly to resolve the battery life depletion issue.”

Telkom did not state whether the issue was due to its LTE network configuration, or whether it affected other smartphones with LTE capabilities.

“Telkom apologises to customers with a Nokia 5 smartphone who have had this experience.”

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Telkom confirms smartphone battery drain problems on LTE