Still no explanation from Telkom on smartphone battery drain

Almost a month after MyBroadband produced tests results which showed accelerated battery drain on Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones connected to Telkom’s LTE network, the company has not provided any explanation or update on the matter.

On 22 July 2018, we published test results which showed that identical smartphones in the same environment – with a SIM from Telkom, Rain, Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C in them – did not consume battery power at the same rate.

The smartphones were all connected to their respective operators’ LTE networks, and all had almost identical signal strength levels.

Battery consumption was measured at regular intervals, and we found that the device connected to the Telkom LTE network suffered from substantially increased battery drain.

In the Samsung Galaxy S8 test, the Telkom device was at 7% battery level at the end of the test – while the Vodacom device, for example, was at 77%.

[Read about the Samsung Galaxy S8 test here]

MyBroadband contacted Telkom about the issue, but while the company acknowledged the matter, it has not provided any feedback.

Nokia 5 tests

The lack of reply from Telkom comes after MyBroadband conducted the same battery drainage tests on Nokia 5 smartphones at the start of July 2018.

The tests showed that the Nokia 5 connected to Telkom’s LTE network suffered from accelerated battery drain compared to the other networks.

Telkom acknowledged the problem with the Nokia 5 battery drain and said it had been isolated.

“We have identified the cause of the battery drainage on the Nokia 5 and we are already implementing a series of network optimisations,” said Telkom at the time.

It added that it had tested other devices “and the battery impact on the devices is not the same as with the Nokia 5”.

This claim, in part, led to the next series of tests – following multiple complaints from MyBroadband readers and forum members that numerous smartphones were affected by the Telkom LTE battery drain issue.

Problems at Telkom

The silence on the battery drain issue from Telkom follows multiple reports of issues at the company.

At the start of August 2018, Telkom suffered a big network outage – which left many of its systems offline.

The downtime was so bad it left Telkom stores unable to even sell a SIM card to customers.

More recently, Wayne McCurrie – from FNB Wealth and Investments – stated that Cell C and Telkom Mobile will not survive unless they merge.

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Still no explanation from Telkom on smartphone battery drain