How much it costs to insure your smartphone in South Africa

Buying a new smartphone can be expensive, especially if you are aiming for a high-end device like the Apple iPhone Xs Max.

For this reason, many smartphone buyers opt to pay a monthly premium for insurance on their device, protecting them from suffering costly repairs and replacements.

All major mobile operators in South Africa offer insurance when a customer takes out a contract or purchases a device, and the pricing of their monthly premiums depends on the value of the device.

These premiums can become expensive however.

MyBroadband compared the smartphone insurance pricing from South African mobile operators to determine how much it will cost you to insure a smartphone on your network.


Vodacom’s smartphone insurance premiums are available from the company’s website.

The operator offers comprehensive and accidental damage insurance, with the comprehensive option covering loss and theft in addition to any damage.

Comprehensive insurance for the R5,000 Huawei P20 Lite will cost you around R85 per month on Vodacom, while the same cover for the R31,999 iPhone Xs Max 512GB will cost you R360 per month.

Below are the monthly insurance premium prices for Vodacom customers – depending on smartphone value.

Device Value Comprehensive Accidental
R750 R20pm R20pm
R1,500 R31pm R20pm
R2,500 R42pm R20pm
R3,500 R63pm R30pm
R5,000 R85pm R30pm
R7,500 R115pm R30pm
R10,000 R149pm R60pm
R15,000 R200pm R60pm
R20,000 R255pm R80pm
R25,000 R305pm R80pm
R30,000 R360pm R121pm

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MTN provided MyBroadband with its insurance premiums per smartphone value bracket up to R6,000.

Devices valued above R6,000 incur an extra amount of R1.51 per R100 over, for comprehensive cover, and R1.01 per R100 for accidental cover.

This means it would cost an MTN customer R392.60 per month to insure the Apple iPhone Xs Max 512GB under all-risk cover and R87.77pm to insure the Huawei P20 Lite.

Device Value Comprehensive Accidental
Up to R1,000 R37.33pm R24.72pm
R1,001 – R2,000 R57.50pm R34.81pm
R2,001 – R3,000 R67.59pm R39.85pm
R3,001 – R4,000 R77.68pm R44.90pm
R4,001 – R5,000 R87.77pm R49.94pm
R5,001 – R6,000 R107.94pm R60.03pm

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Cell C

Cell C’s insurance packages are listed on its website and include options for comprehensive and accidental damage cover.

Cell C customers can also opt to select seperate theft and loss cover, or SIM cover at a flat rate of R9 per month.

Comprehensive cover for a Huawei P20 Lite will cost you R79 per month on Cell C, while you will pay R339 per month to cover an iPhone Xs Max 512GB.

Device Value Comprehensive Accidental
R1,000 35pm N/A
R2,500 R39pm R19pm
R5,000 R79pm R25pm
R7,500 R109pm R45pm
R9,000 R129pm R55pm
R12,000 R169pm R59pm
R15,000 R189pm R65pm
R20,000 R259pm R75pm
R25,000 R289pm R100pm
R30,000 R339pm R119pm


Telkom’s device insurance page states that it only covers handsets for up to a maximum of R20,000.

Insuring a Huawei P20 Lite on Telkom will cost you R83 per month, while it will cost R242 per month to an insure an iPhone Xs Max 512GB – but you will only receive two thirds of the device’s value due to the R20,000 limit.

Device Value Monthly Premium
R0 – R1,000 R33pm
R1,001 – R3,000 R63pm
R3,001 – R5,000 R83pm
R5,001 – R7,500 R119pm
R7,501 – R12,500 R151pm
R12,501 – R15,000 R194pm
R15,001 – R20,000 R242pm

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How much it costs to insure your smartphone in South Africa