What Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom employees really know about their networks

MyBroadband recently went out to determine the level of expertise shown by brick-and-mortar store employees of the top mobile network operators in the country.

MyBroadband went undercover and checked on employees at Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C, and MTN stores, and whether they had a good knowledge about the networks that their work surrounds.

To determine the level of expertise mobile operator employees have surrounding mobile networks, MyBroadband asked them a set of questions.

The questions we asked each store employee are listed below:

  • Question 1 – What is the difference between 3G and LTE capable phones?
  • Question 2 – Is LTE faster than fibre?
  • Question 3 – What mobile data speeds will I get on the network?

These questions are rather simple for anyone who keeps up with modern network technology, but a layperson may not be able to answer some or all of these questions.

The question regarding the mobile data speeds you can get on a network could also be difficult to answer for those who are not familiar with the exact speed demarcations associated with each technology.

The responses are detailed below.


The employee said that LTE was a faster network, and that it was much faster than 3G – 10-times faster, in fact.

He said that fibre was the much faster technology compared to LTE, but he did not give reasoning for why.

The employee quickly checked online at his computer to get the network speeds, and he told us that LTE could reach speeds up to 50Mbps, whereas 3G would only reach between 5-12Mbps.

Vodacom Store


The employee said that LTE was the faster technology, and that it would give you a faster Internet connection than 3G technology.

He said that LTE was faster than fibre – however, he did not elaborate on why he thought this was so.

The employee said he did not know the mobile network speeds capable for either 3G or LTE technology.

MTN Store

Cell C

The Cell C employee said that both 3G and LTE are network coverages for mobile networks, and that LTE is the newer, faster technology compared to 3G.

He said that fibre was much faster than LTE, and that fibre was the best you can get for Internet speed. He also mentioned that fibre is more stable – as it is a fixed-line connection – and that LTE is less stable as it requires a good connection to the mobile network, which could differ depending on the LTE coverage.

However, the employee was not sure of the exact speeds capable for either of the technologies.

Cell C Store


The employee said that 3G and LTE are just the networks that you can connect to with a mobile device, and that LTE is the much faster technology compared to 3G.

He said that you can get “up to 150 megabytes per seconds with 5G LTE, and up to 90 megabytes with 4G LTE”. The employee may have mistaken “bytes” for “bits” when referring to the speeds.

He said that LTE is not necessarily faster than fibre, which he attributed to the stability of the network connection. He elaborated that LTE speeds are “up to” speeds, and that you could have LTE, but only get 1Mbps instead of the full speed capable, whereas with fibre, you would get the full speed of the connection due to it being a fixed-line connection.

Telkom Store

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What Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom employees really know about their networks