This graph shows how Rain’s mobile data prices crush Vodacom and MTN

Rain Mobile offers users data at 5c per MB – an effective price of R50 per GB.

The network operator does not sell bundles, and punts its data as “non-expiring”, as users are only billed for what they use each month.

This provides users with flexibility and does not require them to forecast their data usage each month.

Typically, with flexibility comes higher prices, but Rain’s tariff of 5c per MB is very competitive. In fact, its pricing is far better than Vodacom and MTN prepaid data bundles, which do not offer the flexibility of Rain’s plan.

With prepaid data bundles, any data that is not used is generally lost at the end of your billing cycle.

A positive of this for Vodacom and MTN customers is that as data bundles get larger in size, the price of the data – measured at a per-MB rate – becomes cheaper.

This is because not all users finish their data bundles before they expire, and this breakage allows networks to sell big bundles at an effectively cheaper rate.

Rain still cheaper

Despite this decreasing per-MB price as data bundles increase in size, Rain still offers better per-MB pricing than Vodacom and MTN’s prepaid bundles.

This is shown in the graphs below, which compare Rain’s pricing against 30-day prepaid data bundles from Vodacom and MTN.

MTN vs Rain

The graph below shows the big difference in data prices, per MB, between MTN and Rain.

Rain easily beats MTN’s prices in bundles all the way up to 3GB, while MTN’s prices only start getting closer to Rain’s 5c-per-MB level with its 6GB and 10GB bundles.

Click the graph below to enlarge it.

MTN vs Rain Data Prices

Vodacom vs Rain

As shown in the graph below, Rain’s price of 5c per MB beats Vodacom comprehensively in small bundle prices, from 15MB to 250MB.

The pricing remains better all the way up to 10GB bundles, too.

Click the graph below to enlarge it.

Vodacom vs Rain Data Prices

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This graph shows how Rain’s mobile data prices crush Vodacom and MTN