Best fixed-LTE data deals now that Rain is gone

Rain fixed-LTE packages are off the menu from today, following a decision by the company to suspend sales due to network capacity constraints.

Rain announced in July that it will suspend the sale of its fixed-LTE products through partner ISPs from 1 November.

Following this, it stated that active users on the network will receive free off-peak data from 1 December 2018.

Subscribers will receive off-peak data from 23:00 to 18:00 – a period of 19 hours – each day, on top of their anytime data allocation.

LTE options

With Rain no longer offering fixed-LTE packages, this leaves users with fewer choices for connectivity.

The two big players now are Cell C through local ISPs and Telkom with its fixed-LTE packages.

MTN also offers users fixed-LTE services, but these are subject to tower-locking.

The coverage and speeds offered by the various providers vary depending on your location and the number of users in your area using the same service – factors which must be taken into account when deciding on a package.

Unlike fibre and ADSL which promise users a certain download and upload speed on their line, fixed-LTE performance can vary greatly in terms of latency and speeds.

Users are encouraged to test a service provider with a cheap prepaid SIM and data bundle, or ask a friend with a fixed-LTE package if they can trial their service for a day.


To compare the LTE packages on offer in the market after Rain’s departure, we have listed deals below from MTN, Cell C, and Telkom.

  • The speeds listed for the services are based on claims from the networks.
  • The two data allocations for the MTN and Telkom service sare “Anytime + Night” data.
  • It must also be noted MTN’s offering is a “fixed” service, and you may only use the package in one location after purchase.
Fixed-LTE Deals
Package Download Speed Data Device Price pm
Cell C 10-69Mbps 20GB Huawei B315* R219
Cell C 10-69Mbps 50GB Huawei B315* R349
MTN Best Effort 15GB+15GB [email protected] B612 R369
Telkom LTE Up to 90Mbps 40GB+40GB Huawei B525 R459
Telkom LTE-A Up to 150Mbps 40GB+40GB Huawei B618 R499
Cell C 10-69Mbps 100GB Huawei B315* R530
Telkom LTE Up to 90Mbps 60GB+60GB Huawei B525 R559
Telkom LTE-A Up to 150Mbps 60GB+60GB Huawei B618 R599
MTN Best Effort 30GB+30GB [email protected] B612 R669
Telkom LTE Up to 90Mbps 100GB+100GB Huawei B525 R759
Telkom LTE-A Up to 150Mbps 100GB+100GB Huawei B618 R799
Cell C 10-69Mbps 200GB Huawei B315* R845
Telkom Uncapped All Hours 10Mbps Uncapped (150GB @10Mbps) Huawei B525 R899
MTN Best Effort 60GB+60GB [email protected] B612 R1,069
Telkom LTE Up to 90Mbps 200GB+200GB Huawei B525 R1,059
Telkom LTE-A Up to 150Mbps 200GB+200GB Huawei B618 R1,099
MTN Best Effort 110GB+110GB [email protected] B612 R1,469
Cell C packages through ISPs can be upgraded to a Huawei B618 for R999.

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Best fixed-LTE data deals now that Rain is gone