Telkom FreeMe data bundles now last 61 days

Towards the end of November, Telkom increased the expiry windows of its data bundles. This coincided with the announcement that Telkom had enabled transferring data from any of its plans to other subscribers.

Smaller data bundles have a six-month expiry, while bundles over 500MB are valid for two calendar months.

Telkom has since confirmed that it also made changes to its FreeMe bundles, and that the extensions only apply to non-promotional data.

FreeMe bundles below 500MB have a validity of 14 days, while larger bundles now have two expiry windows – 61 days for the data, and 31 days for all the other features.

The other features included in Telkom’s FreeMe bundles are free data for chat services like WhatsApp and Viber, SMS messages, and minutes for calling any other Telkom number.

FreeMe Bundles with 2GB of data or more include LIT Music, which offers 5GB of data for streaming audio over Google Play Music, Apple Music, Simfy Africa, and CliffCentral.

Bundles that have 5GB or more include 25GB of free data for video streaming over Google Play, iTunes, Netflix, Showmax, and YouTube.

These benefits are different for FreeMe contract subscribers, who get 10GB of LIT Music data, and 50GB of LIT Video data.

Telkom’s data bundle prices and expiry windows are summarised in the tables below.

Telkom mobile data bundles

Telkom mobile data bundle Night surfer data Price Expiry
25MB R7.30 6 months
50MB R14.65 6 months
100MB R29.25 6 months
250MB R39.50 6 months
500MB R69.60 6 months
1GB 1GB R100 2 months / 1 month (night surfer)
2GB 2GB R140 2 months / 1 month (night surfer)
3GB 3GB R201 2 months / 1 month (night surfer)
5GB 5GB R301 2 months / 1 month (night surfer)
10GB 10GB R505 2 months / 1 month (night surfer)
20GB R905 6 months
50GB R1,815 12 months
100GB R3,227 12 months

Telkom FreeMe bundles

Telkom FreeMe bundles LIT benefits Price Expiry
150MB R29 14 days
250MB R39 14 days
500MB R70 61 days (data only) / 31 days
1GB R100 61 days (data only) / 31 days
2GB LIT Music R150 61 days (data only) / 31 days
3GB LIT Music R200 61 days (data only) / 31 days
5GB LIT Video + Music R305 61 days (data only) / 31 days
10GB LIT Video + Music R405 61 days (data only) / 31 days
20GB LIT Video + Music R605 61 days (data only) / 31 days

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Telkom FreeMe data bundles now last 61 days