How data rollover and transfers work on FNB

FNB has said that it will fully comply with new regulations regarding cellular bundles and billing – even though it isn’t strictly required to.

New regulations from ICASA recently came into effect, compelling mobile network operators to change how they handle data, SMS, and voice bundles.

The new End User and Subscriber Service Charter regulations stipulate that cellular providers may no longer bill users out-of-bundle by default when your bundle is depleted.

They must also send depletion notifications at set intervals, and allow data from bundles to be transferred and rolled over to a new billing period.

However, these regulations only apply to networks that operate under an ICASA licence. MVNOs, like FNB Connect, do not necessarily need a licence.

ICASA clarified this in a last-minute change to the regulations which state: These Regulations do not apply to mobile virtual network operators, resellers and internet of things (or machine to machines).

FNB Connect fully complies

FNB, however, has elected to comply with the regulations.

“In the interest of customers, FNB Connect has proactively complied with the ICASA regulations,” the chief commercial officer of FNB Connect, Shadrack Palmer, told MyBroadband.

“We believe that this will go a long way in enabling FNB customers who are on FNB Connect to stretch their budgets by monitoring how much they spend on data.”

“In addition, we are excited to be offering this benefit free of charge.”

Out-of-bundle billing

FNB Connect subscribers can opt in or opt out of OOB billing for voice, SMS, and data services by dialling *147#.

Out-of-bundle usage is opted-in by default for voice and SMS, and opted-out by default for data. You can change these settings, and this applies to all prepaid, top-up and postpaid subscribers.

“In addition, we also send all the required messaging regarding each bundle depletion to a customer,” Palmer said.

“FNB Connect also implemented bundle depletion notifications in June 2018. In November 2018, FNB Connect also reduced the out-of-bundle data rate to R0.30 for all customers.”

Data rollover

FNB provided the following instructions to roll over mobile data:

  1. Dial *147#
  2. Select – Services
  3. Select – Bundle management
  4. Select – Roll over data
  5. Select bundle type to roll over by choosing any of the options displayed
  6. Select option 1 to confirm data roll over

When you roll over a data bundle, it will be valid for a month from the date of expiry. You can roll over data from 5 days before it expires.

Data transfer

To transfer available data from your bundle to another FNB Connect subscriber, FNB provided the following steps:

  1. Dial *147#
  2. Select – Services
  3. Select – Bundle management
  4. Select – Transfer data
  5. Select bundle type to transfer by choosing any of the options displayed
  6. Confirm data bundle from which you want to transfer data
  7. Select amount to transfer
  8. Enter a number that you wish to transfer data to
  9. Select option 1 to confirm data transfer.

Data can only be transferred to another FNB Connect customer and the transferred data will last for 30 days from the date of receipt.

Subscribers can transfer twice from each of their data bundles, and can only transfer predefined bundle sizes to someone else.

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How data rollover and transfers work on FNB