How eSIM works on MTN and Vodacom

MTN recently announced that it would offer eSIM support for the Galaxy Watch 42mm.

This will only be available to customers who purchase a “2-for-1” deal, which also includes either the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ smartphone on either a Made For Me or Sky Price plan.

MTN will also be offering a variety of additional benefits to users who sign up before 31 October, including R400 off Samsung accessories, free once-off data, a 1GB x 12-month music streaming data allowance, and free Galaxy Earbuds valued at R2,999.

“We invested substantially in building the best mobile network in South Africa with the aim of offering our customers the best in innovation and an experience to match,” said Jacqui O’Sullivan, Executive for Corporate Affairs at MTN South Africa.

How eSIM works on MTN

MTN told MyBroadband that the eSIM which customers activate on MTN’s network will have its own number, but this number can be paired with a primary device to share the primary device’s data.

It will not be possible to use your eSIM to share data with other devices or numbers, however.

“The secondary device (eSIM) will not be able to share data with another number or device, only the primary device or number’s data can be shared with the secondary number or device (eSIM),” said MTN.

Customers will be charged a once-off eSIM connection fee of R116, as well as a monthly subscription fee of R29.

While the product is currently only available for the Galaxy Watch 42mm, MTN said that it has plans to support eSIM for iPhone soon.

eSIM with Vodacom

Vodacom was the first major South African network to offer eSIM support to its customers when it launched the technology back in March.

The eSIM-enabled Galaxy Watch 42mm and Galaxy Watch 46mm are supported by Vodacom through its OneNumber technology, which allows customers to use a single number across numerous devices.

This allows Vodacom customers to make and receive calls, texts, and maintain active data connections on both their smartphone and eSIM-enabled smartwatch.

Vodacom users are charged a R25 monthly fee for data sharing on the LTE connection across the smartphone and wearable.

A R98 once-off connection fee for the service is also charged to the customer.

Rain eSIM and eRICA

Rain announced in May that it is working on adding eSIM support to its product offerings.

However, the implementation of this is dependent on the development of the company’s eRICA system, which will allow users to activate their eSIM on Rain’s network simply by scanning a QR code.

At the time, Rain said it hoped to launch eSIM support by August. The product is yet to be released, however, and is still in a beta testing phase.

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How eSIM works on MTN and Vodacom