New Telkom FreeMe prices – This is how they compare with old packages

Telkom recently launched a range of new FreeMe bundles which include mobile data, WhatsApp data, streaming data, on-net minutes, off-net minutes, and SMSs.

Instead of its traditional 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB FreeMe contract offers, it will now offer 800MB, 1.5GB, 3GB, 6GB, 11.5GB, 28GB, and Unlimited contracts.

The new bundles include WhatsApp and streaming data allocations, however, which were not previously marketed in the same way.

Previous Telkom FreeMe bundles offered subscribers 50GB of streaming data and 2GB of WhatsApp data per month.

This has now changed. The new streaming and WhatsApp data allocations are linked to bundle size and range between 250MB and 5GB.

Calling minutes

Another big change is the on-net minute allowance. Previously, all Telkom FreeMe subscribers received 3,000 Telkom-to-Telkom minutes.

The new packages allocate on-net minutes based on the bundle size, and range between 500 and 3,000 minutes.

SMS allocations have also changed. Previously, all packages received 50 free SMSs per day – around 1,500 SMSs per month.

This has now changed to a monthly allowance of between 100 and 3,000 SMSs per month.

A benefit of the new packages is that all subscribers receive off-net minutes as part of their subscription. Previously, only the top packages included off-net minutes.

The new month-to-month SIM-only contracts and prepaid mobile plans took effect from 20 March 2020.

Telkom FreeMe bundle comparison

The table below provides an overview of how the old and new month-to-month SIM-only FreeMe contracts compare.

The 800MB bundle has been excluded from the table.

Telkom FreeMe SIM-Only Contracts (Month-to-Month)
Package Data WhatsApp Data Streaming Data On-Net Minutes Off-Net Minutes SMS Price
1GB / 1.5GB Package
Old 1GB 2GB 0 3,000 0 1,500 R100
New 1GB 250MB 250MB 500 25 100 R139
2GB / 3GB Package
Old 2GB 2GB 50GB 3,000 0 1,500 R150
New 2GB 500MB 500MB 1,000 50 200 R189
5GB / 6GB Package
Old 5GB 2GB 50GB 3,000 0 1,500 R305
New 4GB 1GB 1GB 1,000 100 400 R289
10GB / 11.5GB Package
Old 10GB 2GB 50GB 3,000 0 1,500 R405
New 7.5GB 2GB 2GB 1,000 200 800 R389
20GB / 28GB Package
Old 20GB 2GB 50GB 3,000 1,500 1,500 R605
New 20GB 4GB 4GB 3,000 1,000 2,000 R689
Unlimited Package
Old 25GB (FUP) 2GB 50GB 3,000 3,000 1,500 R1,005
New 30GB (FUP) 5GB 5GB 3,000 3,000 3,000 R1,189

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New Telkom FreeMe prices – This is how they compare with old packages