Best DStv Now data deals in South Africa

South Africans who watch DStv’s online streaming platform may be spending more time than ever viewing content due to the lockdown.

This increase in streaming activity is not an issue if you are watching DStv Now on an uncapped fibre, fixed-LTE, or 5G connection, but it can become expensive if you are streaming over mobile data.

For this reason, there are a number of specialised mobile data bundles available from Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom that provide mobile data specifically for streaming DStv Now content.

These bundles are typically valid for a certain period and can only be used on particular video streaming services, and in many cases only on DStv Now.

They are significantly more affordable than standard data bundles, however, making them ideal for mobile DStv Now viewers.

DStv recently highlighted a collection of DStv Now streaming data bundle deals from MTN which are available for prepaid, top-up, and contract customers.

These DStv Now data bundles are valid for 30 days and offer varying amounts of data for use on the platform.

DStv recommended that mobile viewers lower the resolution of their stream to ensure their mobile data lasts for as long as possible when streaming on mobile data.

We have compared these deals from MTN with others available from Vodacom and Telkom, as Cell C does not have any video streaming bundles available.

Vodacom offers a number of specialised DStv Now video streaming bundles with different validity periods through its USSD menu and mobile app.

Telkom also offers specialised streaming bundles in the form of its LIT bundles, which can be used across a variety of video streaming services including DStv Now and Showmax.

DStv Now streaming bundles

Below are the DStv Now streaming bundles available to purchase from MTN, Vodacom, and Telkom.

It should be noted that Telkom LIT bundles will only be consumed when used on Telkom’s own mobile network, and not when it is roaming on Vodacom’s mobile network.

DStv Now Data Validity period Price
1GB 30 days R50
3GB 30 days R107
5GB 30 days R152
20GB 90 days R899
50GB 365 days R1,599
100GB 365 days R2,999
3GB 30 days R99.90
5GB 30 days R159
10GB 30 days R299
20GB 30 days R499
Telkom (LIT Bundles)
500MB 31 days R40
1GB 31 days R60
2GB 31 days R100
3GB 31 days R140
5GB 31 days R200
10GB 31 days R280
25GB 31 days R350
50GB 31 days R400

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Best DStv Now data deals in South Africa