Best prepaid mobile data prices in South Africa

Cell C recently launched new 30-day data bundles which offer subscribers twice the usual data and extra after-hours data.

Pricing starts at R10 for 40MB of anytime data and increases to R299 for 12GB anytime data and 7GB of after-hours data.

These price cuts follow decisions by Vodacom and MTN to reduce their prices after reaching an agreement with the Competition Commission.

On 1 April, Vodacom reduced its data prices by over 30% across all channels and launched lifeline and zero-rated data through the ConnectU platform.

On 15 April, MTN followed suit by reducing monthly data bundle prices by between 25% and 50%.

The mobile operator is also giving customers 20MB of free data daily through its instant messaging platform, Ayoba.

In April, Cell C also signed a memorandum of agreement with the Competition Commission to improve access to data and increase pricing transparency.

As part of this agreement, Cell C launched a free lifeline package on 1 May and provides all subscribers with five free on-net SMSes and seven free Call Me messages.

30-day data bundle prices

With all the mobile operators cutting mobile data prices, it raises the question of which networks now offer the best deals.

The table below provides an overview of how prepaid mobile data prices from South Africa’s major mobile operators compare.

30-day Data Bundle Prices
Company Anytime Data After-hours Data Price
Telkom 25MB R7.30
Cell C 40MB R10.00
MTN 40MB R10.00
Vodacom 50MB R12.00
Telkom 50MB R14.65
Cell C 80MB R15.00
MTN 100MB R20.00
Telkom 100MB R29.25
MTN 150MB R29.00
Vodacom 150MB R29.00
Telkom 250MB R39.50
Cell C 300MB R29.00
Vodacom 325MB R55.00
MTN 350MB R60.00
Cell C 500MB R35.00
Telkom 500MB R69.60
MTN 500MB R75.00
Vodacom 500MB R79.00
Cell C 650MB R49.00
MTN 750MB R89.00
Vodacom 1GB R99.00
MTN 1GB R99.00
Telkom 1GB 1GB R100.00
MTN 1.5GB R149.00
Cell C 1.6GB R80.00
Cell C 2GB 1GB R95.00
MTN 2GB R189.00
Cell C 3GB 3GB R149.00
Vodacom 3GB R299.00
Cell C 4GB 4GB R199.00
Vodacom 5GB R349.00
Cell C 6GB 5GB R249.00
Vodacom 10GB R469.00
MTN 10GB R469.00
Cell C 12GB 7GB R299.00
Vodacom 20GB R699.00
MTN 20GB R699.00

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Best prepaid mobile data prices in South Africa