The South African mobile operator with the happiest customers revealed

The latest MyBroadband Insights report revealed that MTN has the happiest customers, followed by Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, and Rain.

The report is based on 334,257 tests which were performed by thousands of MyBroadband Speed Test App users across South Africa between 1 July and 30 September 2020.

After a user performs a speed test, they have the option to rate their happiness with their mobile operator.

These customer satisfaction ratings are then processed to provide an average customer satisfaction score for each mobile operator.

These ratings give a good overview of which operators have the happiest customers, and which operators have a challenge with customer satisfaction.

MTN topped the rankings with an average score of 4.26, well above Vodacom on 3.40 and Cell C on 3.28.

Rain, which has been struggling with network performance and customer support over the lockdown, had the lowest customer satisfaction rating.

The table below provides an overview of the customer satisfaction ratings in Q3 2020.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings
Mobile Operator Rating
MTN 8.52
Vodacom 6.80
Cell C 6.56
Telkom 6.42
Rain 5.12

Close link between network performance and customer satisfaction

What the customer satisfaction ratings showed is that there is a close link between network quality and customer happiness.

MTN’s network performance is by far the best in South Africa, with an average download speed at 55.11Mbps.

Vodacom is second on 29.80Mbps, followed by Telkom on 23.60Mbps, Cell C on 17.82Mbps, and Rain on 10.02Mbps.

The customer satisfaction ratings closely track the network performance of mobile operators, which is no surprise.

When subscribers have a good network experience, they are typically happy. When their connection is slow or unstable, they are frustrated.

Network problems also result in more support calls, which can overload the support system and further frustrate subscribers.

This is exactly what happened to Rain over the last few months, which resulted in their poor customer satisfaction rating.

It is clear that having a good network, especially with data surpassing voice as the main revenue driver, is now more important than ever.

The table below shows the relation between network performance and customer satisfaction.

Network performance and Customer Satisfaction
Mobile Operator Download Speed Rating
MTN 55.11 8.52
Vodacom 29.80 6.80
Cell C 17.82 6.56
Telkom 23.60 6.42
Rain 10.02 5.12

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The South African mobile operator with the happiest customers revealed