The best month-to-month mobile data deals in South Africa

There are several affordable capped and uncapped mobile data packages available in South Africa which don’t require a user to sign up to a long-term contract.

Mobile network operators tend to offer their most attractive data products on 12- or 24-month contracts, which locks the user into a major commitment.

While a contract can provide great value, you are usually required to pay a hefty cancellation fee should wish to terminate it early due to bad network or service experience.

This is why many users prefer month-to-month products.

Fortunately, there are a number of month-to-month LTE and 5G packages available that offer great value.

Capped packages

Fixed LTE packages on MTN and Telkom’s networks provide users with large amounts of anytime data as week as nighttime data.

Packages range from R199 to R1,949 per month, with data allocations ranging from 60GB to 1TB.

These are offered from numerous ISPs but are most affordable when purchased through Afrihost and Axxess, in most cases.

MTN recently also launched three of its own month-to-month Home Wi-Fi packages which offer great value.

Telkom offers the biggest and cheapest month-to-month mobile data package, however, with its recently-launched 1TB anytime data product priced at only R999.

The table below shows a comparison between the various capped month-to-month LTE packages available on Telkom and MTN’s networks.

Note that these prices do not include a router, which can either be purchased at a once-off fee or added on to the monthly price.

Capped LTE packages
Data  Service provider(s) MTN Telkom
30GB anytime data
30GB night time data
Afrihost / Axxess R199 R199
50GB anytime data
50GB night time data
Axxess R299
60GB anytime data
60GB night time data
Afrihost / Axxess R349
70GB anytime data
70GB night time data
Axxess / Telkom R399
75GB anytime data
75GB anytime data
MTN R399
90GB anytime data
90GB night time data
Axxess / Telkom R499
100GB anytime data
100GB night data
Afrihost / Axxess R549
110GB anytime data
110GB night data
MTN R499
120GB anytime data
120GB night data
Afrihost / Axxess / Telkom R699
150GB anytime data
150GB night data
Afrihost / Axxess R749
200GB anytime data
200GB night data
MTN R699
200GB anytime data
200GB night data
Afrihost / Axxess R949
220GB anytime data
220GB night data
Afrihost / Axxess R999
300GB anytime data
300GB night data
Afrihost / Axxess R1,349
500GB anytime data
500GB night data
Afrihost / Axxess R1,949
1TB anytime data Telkom R999

Uncapped packages

When it comes to uncapped month-to-month mobile data packages, you only have two networks to choose from.

Rain offers several uncapped LTE and 5G packages, which start at R250 for the Unlimited Off-Peak product.

It recently launched an uncapped 4G SIM specifically intended for use in smartphones, which is priced at R379 per month.

While its Unlimited 4G comes in cheap at only R479 per month, it is throttled at maximum speeds of 10Mbps and caps video streaming to a resolution of 360p.

For those seeking faster uncapped month-to-month connectivity with better streaming quality, Rain offers its 5G Home Standard and Premium packages.

Afrihost is the only other provider which offers a month-to-month uncapped data package, which runs on MTN’s network.

It is capable of reaching speeds of up to 150Mbps, but comes with a fair usage policy of 1TB, after which speeds will be throttled.

The table below shows the uncapped month-to-month 4G and 5G packages available from Rain and Afrihost.

Uncapped LTE packages
Data  Download speeds and other limits Price
Rain Unlimited 4G for phones Only for phones
No hotspot support
360p video streaming
Rain Unlimited Off-peak Best effort speeds
23:00-18:00 – Uncapped
18:00-23:00 – R50 per GB
Rain Unlimited 4G Up to 10Mbps
360p video streaming
Rain Unlimited 5G Home Standard Up to 30Mbps
720p video streaming
Rain Unlimited 5G Home Premium “Ultra fast 5G download speeds”
1080p video streaming
Afrihost Pure Uncapped LTE Up to 150Mbps

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The best month-to-month mobile data deals in South Africa