Major bill shock for MTN Black Friday customers

A number of MTN customers who signed up for Black Friday contracts were recently shocked to find they were billed far more than expected.

MyBroadband readers who signed up for the MTN 100GB Black Friday deal in November 2020 reached out after they were billed far more than the stated price the following month.

The Black Friday deal in question was a 24-month contract that was valid for purchase until 9 December 2020.

It was one of three online-only deals that offered monthly data allocations of 10GB, 50GB, and 100GB, and each contract also included a free router.

The 100GB deal was the variant that most customers complained about, stating that they were billed incorrectly following their completion of the online application process.

Bill shock

The customers who complained to MyBroadband signed up for this contract via the online application form and continued to use data as normal.

These customers had existing contracts and were upgrading to the Black Friday deal.

However, they were shocked to find they were charged far more than the R299 per month specified by their contract at the end of December.

Instead of being charged the new monthly contract rate, they were billed according to their previous contract charges, despite signing up for the Black Friday deal.

One customer was charged over R1,000 instead of the R299 per month specified in the contract, and many affected users reached out to MTN to find out what went wrong with their Black Friday contracts.

Application problems

Customers were told by support staff that their applications were not processed correctly, were cancelled, or simply could not be found.

None of the customers who contacted MyBroadband were notified of these errors until they queried their bills for December.

In one case, a customer was told by MTN that the application process was handled by Mondo and was advised to contact the company.

Upon contacting Mondo, however, support staff told him that his application was cancelled by MTN due to a shortage of the routers bundled with the contracts.

The affected customers said that they were no longer able to sign up for these contracts, as they were only valid for the Black Friday sale period.

Instead, a number of affected customers were advised by support staff to change to another contract.

MTN responds

MTN said it is aware of the issue regarding Black Friday 100GB data deal promotion.

“It is important to note that MTN had three Black Friday offers in play over an extended Black Friday Promotional period from the 22nd November 2020 to the 9th December 2020 – the affected offer is 100GB only,” MTN said.

It added that customers who had issues, and those that started applications but did not manage to close out their applications within the period, were granted an extension.

“The extension and continuous attempts to ensure customers get offers resulted in stock depletion of routers and alternatives had to be sourced,” the operator said.

“MTN continued to honour deals relating to Black Friday until the 18th December to ensure all customers receive their offers.”

MTN added that it has made multiple attempts to contact customers who were eligible for the deal in an attempt to close out once stock was received.

It added that all ineligible customers received communication that their application was not successful.

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Major bill shock for MTN Black Friday customers