Cheapest prepaid data – Vodacom vs MTN vs Telkom vs Cell C

Vodacom has recently reduced the prices or increased the data allocations of its lower-priced monthly prepaid data bundles.

The highlight of the announcement was a 14% price cut on Vodacom’s 1GB data bundle, reducing the price from R99 to R85 for the 30-day data bundle.

This has made Vodacom’s 1GB prepaid bundle the cheapest in the market.

However, Vodacom is not the cheapest across the board.

Telkom and Cell C offer several bundles for cheaper and Cell C also offers subscribers additional value in the form of increased after-hours data.

Cell C also gives subscribers the option of switching to its “All-in-One” tariff plan which offers much cheaper 600MB, 2GB, and 5GB data packages through its Double Data All-in-One bundles.

The following table summarises the cheapest 30-day prepaid data bundles available on South Africa’s four major mobile network operators. To keep the table readable, only anytime data is compared.

The cheapest options available on the networks’ default prepaid tariff plans are highlighted in bold. Cell C’s All-in-One bundles are shown in bold and italics. MTN offers personalised bundles which may be much cheaper than the prices listed here, but they are not available to all subscribers.

This comparison considers only 30-day bundles intended for mobile use. Several networks have prepaid fixed-LTE plans that are considerably cheaper than plans designed for mobile use.

Prepaid 30-day data bundle price comparison
Bundle size Vodacom MTN Telkom Cell C
50MB R12 R10 (40MB) R10 (40MB)
200MB R29 R39 R29 (150MB) R29 (150MB)
350MB R49 R60 R49 (300MB) R49 (325MB)
500MB R69 R75 R69 R35 (600MB – AIO)
1GB R85 R99 R99 R95
2GB R159 R189 R139 R199
R95 (AIO)
3GB R229 R199 R249
5GB R349 R299 R299 (6GB)
R195 (AIO)
10GB R469 R469 R469 R499
20GB R699 R699 R699 (6 months) R799
50GB R1,499 R1,499 (6 months)
100GB R2,499 R2,499 (12 months) R2,999

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Cheapest prepaid data – Vodacom vs MTN vs Telkom vs Cell C