MTN personalised prepaid data deals – up to 50% off

If your usage behaviour fits a specific profile and you fall within certain market segments, you can get 30-day prepaid data bundles from MTN for 10% to 50% cheaper than its advertised headline prices.

On three prepaid SIMs MyBroadband was able to buy 1GB of monthly prepaid data for R89 – 10% cheaper than MTN’s current headline price of R99.

Similarly, the SIMs we tested had access to a 100MB monthly prepaid data bundle for R10, which is 50% cheaper than MTN’s standard price of R20.

“The customer value management (CVM) pricing strategy was introduced to offer personalised data products and services based on each customers usage behaviour and segment,” MTN told MyBroadband.

MTN said its CVM pricing strategy also includes the following:

  • Work From Home data bundles – for customers working or studying from home
  • MTN EverydayGigs – a peace-of-mind service that gives subscribers access to data every day
  • MTN Combo bundles – offers both data and minutes
  • MTN Pulse Bundles – affordable access to social media, aimed at the youth

“In addition, MTN reduced its data pricing at a regional level through the introduction of MyTown Offers which offers regional data pricing depending on the customers town or location,” the company said.

MTN added that the prices we saw were as a result of its personalised data bundles.

“MTN continuously seeks opportunities to reduce data pricing through the launch of innovative products and services to ensure affordable access to data for all our customers,” MTN stated.

“Over the past 24 months MTN has introduced innovative products and pricing strategies that offer more data and value for money to customers.”

MTN headline vs. personalised prepaid prices

The following table summarises the reduced 30-day mobile data bundle prices that were available to the three prepaid MTN SIMs we tested:

Comparison of MTN personalised vs. headline data prices
Bundle size Personalised bundle Listed price % Difference
40MB R5
100MB R10 R20 -50%
150MB R20 R29 -31%
200MB R25 R39 -36%
350MB R39 R60 -35%
500MB R60 R75 -20%
750MB R80 R89 -10%
1GB R89 R99 -10%
1.5GB R129 R149 -13%
2GB R149 R189 -21%
3GB R199 R229 -13%
6GB R249 R399 -38%
10GB R349 R469 -26%
20GB R599 R699 -14%
30GB R799 R999 -20%
50GB R1,299 R1,499 -13%
100GB R1,999 R2,499 -20%

MTN personalised prices compared to Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C

The table below shows how the personalised MTN data prices compare to the 30-day prepaid mobile data prices from Vodacom, Telkom, and Cell C.

The cheapest price for a particular bundle size is highlighted in bold.

Vodacom recently cut its prepaid data bundle prices and has the cheapest 1GB data bundle, even after MTN’s personalised data price reduction is factored in.

Not shown in this comparison are prepaid fixed-LTE plans that are considerably cheaper than bundles designed for mobile use.

MyBroadband recently tested Cell C’s new Home Connecta Flexi service in a high-end smartphone and it performed exceptionally well.

Cell C also gives prepaid subscribers the option of switching to its “All-in-One” tariff plan which offers much cheaper 600MB, 2GB, and 5GB data packages through its Double Data All-in-One bundles.

These “All-in-One” bundles are much cheaper than their counterparts on other networks, and are highlighted in italics in the table below.

Monthly (30-day) prepaid data bundle price comparison
Bundle size Vodacom MTN Telkom Cell C
50MB R12 R5 (40MB) R10 (40MB)
200MB R29 R25 R29 (150MB) R29 (150MB)
350MB R49 R39 R49 (300MB) R49 (325MB)
500MB R69 R60 R69 R35 (600MB – AIO)
1GB R85 R89 R99 R95 (AIO)
2GB R159 R149 R139 R199
3GB R229 R199 R199 R249
5GB R349 R249 (6GB) R299 R195 (AIO)
10GB R469 R349 R469 R499
20GB R699 R599 R699 R799
50GB R1,299 R1,499
100GB R1,999 R2,499 R2,999
Telkom 20GB and 50GB bundles valid for 6 months. Telkom 100GB bundle valid for 12 months.

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MTN personalised prepaid data deals – up to 50% off