The best mobile data deals for streaming in South Africa

Online video streaming services like Netflix, Showmax, and DStv Now offer a convenient way to watch TV shows and movies.

Unfortunately, using them not only requires paying a subscription fee but also a lot of data, a commodity which can be very expensive in South Africa.

Ideally, an uncapped package would be the best option, allowing you to stream as often and as much as you like.

Affordable uncapped data packages are typically offered on fixed connections like fibre and DSL.

While these connectivity options are now cheaper than ever before, they are still not accessible to everyone.

Mobile networks in South Africa offer far greater coverage than fibre networks.

We’ve assembled some of the best priced mobile data packages to consider for streaming.

Best prepaid LTE prices

Most prepaid data bundles are expensive when compared to contracts options, making them a bad choice if you plan to stream hours of content.

However, Cell C recently launched its Home Connecta Flexi products, offering the most affordable prepaid LTE prices in the country.

From as little as R59, you can get 5GB anytime data and 5GB after-hours data.

That should cover you for about 5 hours of standard definition streaming on Netflix during the day, and another 5 hours between midnight and 06:00.

If you want to watch more content or enjoy better quality, you can go up to a 1TB anytime data at R899.

That would theoretically afford you data for more than 330 hours of HD streaming on Netflix.

The table below shows the various Cell C Home Connecta Flexi bundles available.

Cell C Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid LTE
Package Anytime data After hours data Price
Home Connecta Flexi 10GB 5GB 5GB R59
Home Connecta Flexi 20GB 10GB 10GB R139
Home Connecta Flexi 50GB 25GB 25GB R179
Home Connecta Flexi 100GB 50GB 50GB R199
Home Connecta Flexi 200GB 100GB 100GB R389
Home Connecta Flexi 400GB 200GB 200GB R699
Home Connecta Flexi 1TB 1TB R899


If Cell C coverage is shoddy in the locations where you plan to stream most or you are simply looking for another provider, you can consider month-to-month packages from Telkom or MTN.

Telkom pushed the envelope when it launched a SIM-only deal that provides 1TB data for anytime use at R999 earlier this year.

If you don’t want to deal directly with Telkom or require less data than this, Axxess and Afrihost offer LTE packages on Telkom and MTN’s networks on either a SIM-only basis or bundled with a router.

Supersonic also offers several of MTN’s packages on month-to-month offerings.

It comes with the additional option of an uncapped fixed-LTE package at R999 per month.

The prices for these packages are shown in the tables below.

Axxess and Afrihost LTE packages on Telkom
Package Anytime data After hours data SIM-only Router included
Telkom 20GB 10GB 10GB R99 R169
Telkom 60GB 30GB 30GB R199 R269
Telkom 100GB 50GB 50GB R299 R369
Telkom 140GB 70GB 70GB R399 R469
Telkom 180GB 90GB 90GB R499 R569
Telkom 240GB 120GB 120GB R699 R769
Telkom 440GB 220GB 220GB R999 R1,069
Axxess and Afrihost fixed-LTE packages on MTN
Package Anytime data After hours data SIM-only Router included
MTN 60GB 30GB 30GB R199 R249
MTN 120GB 60GB 60GB R349 R399
MTN 200GB 100GB 100GB R549 R599
MTN 300GB 150GB 150GB R749 R799
MTN 400GB 200GB 200GB R949 R999
MTN 600GB 300GB 300GB R1,349 R1,399
MTN 1TB 500GB 500GB R1,949 R1,999
Supersonic fixed-LTE packages on MTN
Package Anytime data After hours data Price with router
MTN 60GB 30GB 30GB R199
MTN 120GB 60GB 60GB R399
MTN 200GB 100GB 100GB R599
MTN 300GB 150GB 150GB R799
MTN 1TB 1TB R999

Rain 5G

When it comes to cheap mobile data offerings, one of the first networks to consider is Rain.

The company was the first to launch 5G products in South Africa and is well-known known for its cheap uncapped 4G packages.

For example, at R479 per month, you can get an uncapped 10Mbps 4G package.

It should be noted that Rain imposes limitations on streaming quality for its 4G packages, which means they are not ideal for enjoying content in high quality.

We have therefore not included them in our comparison.

Rain offers the 5G packages below with uncapped data:

  • 5G Premium – R999 per month – 1080p streaming
  • 5G Standard – R699 per month – 720p streaming

Streaming-only bundles

Mobile networks also offer data bundles which can only be used for streaming, which are supposed to be more affordable than standard data

A look at the bundles from Vodacom and Telkom, however, reveal that these bundles no longer offer great value to the customer when compared to the alternatives above.

For example, a 1GB Vodacom URL bundle is more expensive than 5GB of prepaid data from Cell C.

For the same price as a 10GB Vodacom URL bundle you can get a Telkom 180GB data package from Axxess or Afrihost.

Telkom’s LIT bundles offer slightly better value but still compare poorly to the month-to-month prices and Cell C’s prepaid offerings.

Streaming-only bundles
Package Data Validity Price
Vodacom URL 1GB 30 days R75
Vodacom URL 3GB 30 days R169
Vodacom URL 5GB 90 days R259
Vodacom URL 10GB 90 days R499
Telkom LIT 5GB 31 days R200
Telkom LIT 10GB 31 days R280
Telkom LIT 25GB 31 days R350
Telkom LIT 50GB 31 days R400

Best contracts

If you’re willing to enter into a long-term contract, MTN recently launched its MyMTN Home Wi-Fi packages, which offer up to 1TB of data every month.   

That package will cost you R999 per month over 24 months.

If you are on a tighter budget, you can get the MyMTN Home 120GB deal with 50GB anytime data, 50GB after-hours data, 10GB for music streaming, and another 10GB for videoconferencing.

The table below shows MTN’s Home Wi-Fi packages, which are offered on contract with a router included.

MTN Home Wi-Fi contracts
Package Anytime data After hours data Other data Price with router
MyMTN Home 120GB 50GB 50GB 20GB R269 x 24
MyMTN Home 150GB 75GB 75GB R399 x 24
MyMTN Home 220GB 110GB 110GB R499 x 24
MyMTN Home 500GB 250GB 250GB R699 x 24
MyMTN Home 1,000GB 1TB R999 x 24

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The best mobile data deals for streaming in South Africa