Big mobile data deals – From 10GB to 1TB

South Africans are now enjoying the lowest ever mobile data prices thanks for significant price cuts from operators over the last two years.

The country now boasts some of the cheapest prices for large mobile data packages in Africa.

South Africa is also the only country where consumers can buy an uncapped 5G service for under R1,000 per month.

These more affordable large data packages came at a time when more people are relying on mobile data to stay connected and work from home.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way people work and play. South Africans are now relying on an Internet connection for work, education, and entertainment.

Fixed line access – fibre and DSL – are the preferred access mediums, but not everyone can afford these services and they are not available in all areas.

This has increased the reliance on 4G and 5G products with large monthly usage limits.

Good news is that Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Cell C have launched affordable high-end data packages to serve this need.

For those looking for an uncapped solution, Rain’s unlimited 4G and 5G products are a good option if they cannot ger fibre or DSL.

Telkom, MTN, and Cell C have also launched 1TB LTE products which should provide enough data for most households.

Best deals

The table below shows the best mobile data offers from South Africa’s mobile networks, arranged according to data allocations and price.

We’ve focused on mobile packages offering 10GB or more data, with both prepaid and contract options considered. All contracts are for 24 months.

Big mobile data packages in South Africa
Network Anytime data Night time data Package name Price
10GB – 20GB
Cell C 5GB 5GB Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid 10GB R59
Telkom 5GB 5GB SmartBroadband Wireless Contract 5GB R59
Telkom 5GB 5GB SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid 5GB R99
Telkom 10GB 10GB SmartBroadband Wireless Contract 10GB R99
Vodacom 5GB 5GB Red Hot Data Contract 10GB R129
Cell C 10GB 10GB Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid 20GB R139
MTN 10GB 10GB My MTNChoice Contract 20GB R149
Vodacom 10GB 10GB Red Hot Data Contract 20GB R149
30GB – 50GB
Cell C 25GB 25GB Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid R179
MTN 20GB 20GB My MTNChoice Contract 40GB R199
Vodacom 20GB 20GB Red Hot Data Contract 40GB R199
Vodacom 30GB Red Hot Data Contract 30GB R299
Telkom 20GB 20GB SmartBroadband Wireless Contract 20GB R248
Telkom 20GB 20GB SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid 20GB R249
80GB – 150GB
Cell C 50GB 50GB Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid 100GB R199
MTN 50GB 50GB MyMTN Home Wi-Fi Contract 100GB R269
Telkom 40GB 40GB SmartBroadband Wireless  LTE Contract 40GB R348
Telkom 40GB 40GB SmartBroadband Wireless LTE Prepaid 40GB R359
MTN 75GB 75GB MyMTN Home Wi-Fi Contract 150GB R399
200GB – 300GB
Cell C 100GB 100GB Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid 200GB R389
Vodacom 100GB 100GB Home Internet 10Mbps Contract 200GB R399
Vodacom 100GB 100GB Red Hot Data Contract 200GB R449
MTN 110GB 110GB MyMTN Home Wi-Fi Contract 220GB R499
Telkom 120GB 120GB SmartBroadband Wireless LTE Contract 120GB R699
Telkom 120GB 120GB SmartBroadband Wireless LTE Prepaid 120GB R759
300GB – 400GB
Cell C 200GB 200GB Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid 400GB R699
Vodacom 200GB 200GB Home Internet 10Mbps Contract 400GB R699
Telkom 220GB 220GB SmartBroadband Wireless  LTE Contract 220GB R999
Telkom 220GB 220GB SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid  220GB R1,059
500GB – 800GB
MTN 250GB 250GB MyMTN Home Wi-Fi Contract 500GB R699
Vodacom 300GB 300GB Home Internet 20Mbps Contract 600GB R999
Vodacom 400GB 400GB Home Internet 20Mbps Contract 800GB R1,099
Cell C 1,000GB Home Connecta Flexi Prepaid R899
MTN 1,000GB MyMTN Home Wi-Fi Contract R959
Telkom 1,000GB –         SmartBroadband Wireless LTE Contract R999

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Big mobile data deals – From 10GB to 1TB