Cheapest WhatsApp data bundles in South Africa

South Africa’s mobile network operators offer a range of WhatsApp-only data bundles for users who spend lots of time on the platform.

WhatsApp is not just the world’s most popular messaging app but also a big favourite among South Africans.

The chat app allows its users to keep in touch via text, video, or voice calls, and to share media and online links, among other features.

Being this feature-rich comes at a cost, however. Using WhatsApp consumes mobile data, which can become an expensive exercise if not monitored carefully.

If you spend loads of time on the platform and away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, it might be a good idea to purchase a dedicated WhatsApp data bundle.

Three of South Africa’s mobile operators — Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C — offer great prices on monthly WhatsApp data bundles, at a fraction of the price of standard mobile data.

For example, Vodacom’s 1GB monthly WhatsApp Ticket is priced at R35, much less than the R85 charge for 1GB of monthly mobile data.

Similarly, MTN’s 1GB WhatsApp social bundle costs R30, as opposed to its normal 1GB monthly mobile data bundle price of R99.

The networks also offer cheaper bundles that are valid over shorter times, like daily or weekly bundles.

The table below shows the various WhatsApp data bundles available from Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C.

WhatsApp Bundles
Network WhatsApp Data Validity Price
Hourly Bundles
Vodacom 10MB 1 hour R1
Daily Bundles
MTN 50MB 1 day R2
Vodacom 50MB 1 day R3
Vodacom 250MB 1 day R5
Three Day Bundles
MTN 100MB 3 days R5
Vodacom 100MB 3 days R6
Weekly Bundles
Cell C 300MB 7 days R10
MTN 250MB 7 days R10
Vodacom 250MB 7 days R12
Two-week Bundles
Cell C 600MB 15 days R20
Monthly Bundles
Cell C 1GB 30 days R29
MTN 1GB 20 days R30
Vodacom 1GB 30 days R35

Telkom was excluded from the comparison above as it does not offer data bundles that are for exclusive use on WhatsApp.

However, the country’s third-biggest network does sell Social Bundles which can cover usage across a number of social media platforms.

In addition to WhatsApp, these bundles can be used for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The bundles provide social data allocations ranging between 25MB and 3GB, which can be purchased for use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The table below shows the allocations, validity periods, and prices of Telkom Social Bundles.

WhatsApp Bundles
Social Data Validity Price
Daily Bundles
25MB 1 day R2
50MB 1 day R3
75MB 1 day R4
100MB 1 day R5
250MB 1 day R10
500MB 1 day R15
Weekly Bundles
75MB 7 days R5
100MB 7 days R8
250MB 7 days R12
500MB 7 days R18
1GB 7 days R35
2GB 7 days R60
Monthly Bundles
100MB 31 days R10
250MB 31 days R15
500MB 31 days R25
1GB 31 days R40
2GB 31 days R70
3GB 31 days R100

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Cheapest WhatsApp data bundles in South Africa