8ta under fire for payment change

In December 8ta moved their debit order run to 20th December 2011 instead of the usual end of the month.

8ta confirmed that a debit order run took place on 20th December 2011: “Based on past collection experience a business decision was made to advance the debit order run since the majority of employees receive their salaries earlier in December.”

“Furthermore the number of public holidays meant that debit orders could not be processed on any of the public holidays. This approach is not isolated to Telkom/8ta and is practiced by other organizations during the December period.”

This decision caused an outcry from many 8ta subscribers, who were negatively affected by this decision, on HelloPeter and the MyBroadband forums.

8ta explained that SMSs were sent to their customers to inform them that the debit order would be presented to their respective banks on the 20th of December 2011. “The SMSs were sent to the customers on 15th of December.”

Many subscribers however complained that they did not receive the SMS or other notifications about this decision. There were also complaints indicating that even when the subscriber said that the debit order should not run on 20 December it still happened.

One subscriber explained that he did not have money in his account at the time, and now has to deal with the repercussions of a bounced debit order because of this decision by 8ta.

8ta said that they are trying to address the complaints, and advised subscribers who were negatively affected by the earlier debit run to contact the 8ta customer care line on 081 180 to assist them with corrective action.

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8ta under fire for payment change