Beware buying a Telkom SIM from Takealot

MyBroadband bought a preloaded Telkom prepaid unlimited data SIM from Takealot but could not use it because of problems with the Telkom online RICA system.

The Telkom LTE Prepaid Unlimited Off-Peak bundle offers users unlimited data for 31 days after a once-off purchase.

The unlimited package has speeds up to 10 Mbps for the first 250 GB used, up to 4 Mbps for another 50 GB, and then 2 Mbps for the rest of the month.

The off-peak package costs R229 and only allows a subscriber to use this data between midnight and 19:00, covering most of the day.

Users can also opt for the all-hours version for R849, which offers the same data limits for the whole day.

To make it easy to order, Telkom is listing their unlimited data SIMs on Takealot.

MyBroadband purchased one of the SIMs to test. It arrived with a sticker on it which offers instructions on how to activate the service.

It gives the same instructions on Takealot’s website.

Visit to activate your SIM.

Telkom’s RICA portal asks you to enter your personal details and upload a picture of your ID and proof of address.

It seems easy enough, but the website keeps kicking us out on the second page.

It simply says that there has been a technical error and that we can contact the call centre at 081 180 for assistance.

We verified that this was not an isolated problem. It happened with more than one person when they tried to RICA their SIM.

We called the number provided and were connected to a consultant after a few button presses.

The consultant verified that the SIM was not activated yet, but could only redirect us to another number which they said would be able to help.

We dialled the proposed 10213 helpdesk. However, as soon as she heard we had a prepaid SIM, she said she could not assist. She said only the initial helpdesk we called could handle prepaid products.

The consultant advised us to go into a store to have the sim RICA’d and activated. We followed her advice.

We first went to a Telkom branch in Centurion, where we were informed that they could not RICA or activate the SIM as it is not on their system.

We visited another Telkom branch in Queenswood, where they said that they could only help us if the SIM card was purchased from them.

It dawned on us that we purchased a product we could not use.

As the original SIM from Takealot is marked “non-returnable”, we are stuck with an unlimited data SIM that we cannot activate.

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Beware buying a Telkom SIM from Takealot