Standard Bank Mobile vs Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C — data price comparison

Standard Bank Mobile’s data prices are competitive with Vodacom and MTN, but Cell C’s data bundles are cheaper.

The bank’s mobile network has grown to over 350,000 customers and boasts that its subscriber base continues to grow every month.

Standard Bank’s launched its mobile offerings in November 2018, and MyBroadband contacted the bank for insight on how the product is performing.

“Our subscriber numbers continue to grow month on month, and we are seeing good take up as customers see the value and benefit of our product offering,” a spokesperson said

The service is exclusive to Standard Bank’s customers and offers a range of benefits.

These include free airtime to the value of your monthly bank account fees, 1MB of free data for every R20 spent on your card, and monthly data rewards based on your UCount status.

Standard Bank offers various data bundle sizes, with minimum and maximum allocations of 50MB and 10GB, respectively. Prices range from R9 to R399.

Mobile data price comparison

MyBroadband compared the price of 30-day data bundles from Standard Bank to those offered by Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C.

Regarding out-of-bundle rates, Standard Bank’s charges are the same as those of Vodacom and MTN at R0.49 per megabyte (MB).

Cell C’s out-of-bundle rates are significantly higher at R0.99 per MB for contract subscribers and R1.10 per MB for pre-paid customers.

Mobile network operators offer various data bundle sizes, and they do not always align with one another. Therefore, we calculated the price per MB for each bundle for the comparison.

We also tried to include data bundles of similar sizes where possible. We selected 50MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 5GB data bundles for the comparison.

When other mobile networks’ data bundle offerings didn’t align with Standard Bank’s bundles, we selected the closest bundle size.

For example, Vodacom doesn’t offer a 5GB data bundle, so we used its 6GB data bundle offering for the comparison.

Cell C’s data bundle prices are the most cost-effective per MB, even if its out-of-bundle rates are double that of other mobile network operators.

Standard Bank’s per-megabyte price aligns closely with Vodacom and MTN.

The comparison of data bundle prices is summarised in the table below.

Mobile data price comparison — 30-day bundles
Bundle size Price Price per MB
Standard Bank Mobile
50MB R9 R0.18
500MB R69 R0.14
1GB R79 R0.08
2GB R139 R0.07
5GB R299 R0.06
50MB R12 R0.24
500MB R49 R0.10
1GB R85 R0.09
2GB R149 R0.07
6GB R349 R0.06
40MB R10 R0.25
500MB R69 R0.14
1GB R85 R0.09
2GB R149 R0.07
5GB R299 R0.06
Cell C*
100MB R19 R0.19
500MB R35 R0.07
1GB R65 R0.07
2GB R85 R0.04
6GB R199 R0.03
*MTN and Cell C offer night data in addition to anytime data with their bundles
*Only data for anytime use was considered when calculating the price per MB

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Standard Bank Mobile vs Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C — data price comparison