8ta free minutes abuse warning

Du Pont Telecom today (7 March 2012) warned that a significant increase in a company’s telephone bills may be because employees are abusing the system – to earn free minutes on their 8ta number.

“If your company’s telephone bills have increased significantly in recent months for no apparent reason, it’s time to start monitoring telephone usage in your organisation more effectively,” said Graeme Victor, of Du Pont Telecom.

“To earn more free 8ta minutes, employees phone their own cellphones using their work phone, and stay connected for long periods,” said Victor.

Victor warned that barring calls to all cellphones, in an effort to stamp out “free minute” abuse, could result in legitimate business calls being adversely affected.

“The key to effective call barring is being able to quickly and accurately differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate calls,” he said.

To deal with the “free minutes” phenomenon, Victor recommended that companies install a call management and barring device that is able to analyse each call that passes through the PBX. In this way, anomalies, or abuse levels, can be identified.

An anomaly could be calls made three, four or more times a day to the same number from the same extension; or calls made regularly to one specific cellphone number that last for an abnormally long time.

Once this type of call behaviour has been identified, calls to that number can be blocked automatically.

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8ta free minutes abuse warning