Best mobile network in Cape Town revealed

MyBroadband’s latest mobile voice network quality testing revealed that MTN has the best network performance in Cape Town, while Vodacom and Cell C failed Icasa standards.

These results form part of a network quality testing project to determine the performance of Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom’s mobile networks across South Africa.

MyBroadband partnered with Analytico, Afristay, and Keysight distributor Coral-i for the extensive, country-wide project.

This project uses Keysight’s network testing platform, Nemo, to test a range of variables using high-end Samsung devices.

Network performance was measured according to the latest End-user and Subscriber Charter from industry regulator Icasa.

The regulations require mobile operators to achieve an Average Call Setup Success Ratio (CSSR) of 98% and an Average Dropped Call Ratio (DCR) of below 3%.

It further requires an Average Call Setup Time (CST) of below 9 seconds and an Average Speech Quality Mean Opinion Score (MOS) of higher than 3.

MyBroadband used the globally recognised European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) specification to rank the mobile operators’ voice network quality.

MTN performed the best overall in Cape Town, passing all the requirements and ending up with an average score of 90%.

Telkom also passed all the requirements, but its significantly higher DCR, slow setup times, and lower MOS put it in last place overall, according to the ETSI recommendations.

Vodacom performed well overall but failed to reach the required CSSR, only achieving 95.55% instead of the required 98%.

Cell C performed nearly as badly as Telkom overall and failed the standard regarding dropped call ratio.

The table below provides an overview of the voice network quality of Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom in Cape Town.

Cape Town Voice Network Quality Results
MTN Vodacom Cell C Telkom
Average Call Setup Time (CST) 1.56s 1.71s 7.12s 4.70s
Average Call Setup Success Ratio (CSSR) 98.96% 95.55% 98.74% 98.55%
Average Dropped Call Ratio (DCR) 0.53% 2.32% 6.99% 2.52%
Average Speech Quality Mean Opinion Score (MOS) 4.29 3.26 4.04 3.59
Overall Score 90.0%

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Best mobile network in Cape Town revealed