Vodacom prepaid price plan comparison

Vodacom has many prepaid price plans to choose from that offer varying voice, data, and SMS rates. MyBroadband compared them to determine which is best for data and voice-centric users.

The mobile operator lists nine prepaid price plans on its website.

We’ve disregarded SMS for this comparison because most South Africans use data-based messaging services like WhatsApp.

These messaging services offer a much cheaper and feature-rich experience than traditional SMS.

Therefore, we excluded the Vodacom4Less plan from the comparison as it is SMS-centric, offering varying rates based on location and time of day.

The cheapest prepaid options for data-centric customers are the Power Pack and Prepaid LTE plan. Both plans have the lowest out-of-bundle data rate of R0.29 per megabyte.

The Power Pack plan is more suited to data-centric customers who still make calls frequently, as it has a lower call rate of R1.55 per minute.

Comparatively, the Prepaid LTE plan charges R2.09 per minute.

The Prepaid LTE plan is the plan subscribers will want to sign up for to access lower-priced data bundles.

Prices start from R49 for 2GB of anytime data and 2GB of Night Owl data, valid for 14 days.

Regarding 30-day bundles, the cheapest available to Prepaid LTE customers costs R99 and provides 5GB of anytime data and 5GB of Night Owl data.

In comparison, a standard Vodacom prepaid data bundle of 1GB, valid for 30 days, costs R89. The full list of Prepaid LTE bundles is provided toward the end of the article.

For Vodacom’s more voice-centric prepaid price plans, out-of-bundle data prices increase to R0.49 per megabyte.

The best prepaid option for Vodacom customers who rely on voice calls is the Prepaid 79c, which, as the name implies, carries a voice rate of R0.79 per minute.

“This is the lowest rate for Vodacom Prepaid customers,” says Vodacom.

The next cheapest option would be the Anytime Per Second plan, which charges R1.25 per minute.

Vodacom says the plan is ideal for those who want a low per-second call rate but also want to buy voice bundles.

Vodacom’s Power Bonus plan offers similar voice and data rates to the Power Pack plan.

However, Vodacom specifies that Power Bonus plan customers get “100% of their recharge back to use on calls, internet and SMS for the whole day on every recharge”.

Vodacom’s NXT LVL plan, available only to customers between 18 and 25, charges R1.55 per minute for voice.

NXL LVL customers get access to various bundles that aren’t available on the other plans, including data, social media, and voice bundles, or a combination of all three.

A list of these bundles is included toward the end of this article.

The mobile operator’s Khosi Bonus plan is indistinguishable from the Power Bonus plan regarding voice and data rates. It also offers similar benefits.

Vodacom also offers a ZetNet plan. However, we excluded it from the article as it is only available at Zetnet Paledi Mall and Regional Church branches.

While the mobile operator lists several prepaid plans on its website, it also has its Just4You programme, which can offer significantly better prices.

The Just4You system uses an algorithm to offer tailor-made bundles at reduced prices based on your historical usage.

Vodacom’s prepaid plans are compared in the table below. Plan-specific bundles for the Prepaid LTE and NXT LVL plans are listed below that.

Vodacom prepaid plans
Prepaid plan Voice rate
(per minute)
Data rate
(per megabyte)
SMS rate (local) SMS rate (international)
Power Pack R1.55 R0.29 R0.52 R1.74
Prepaid LTE R2.09 R0.29 R0.79 R1.74
Power Bonus R1.55 R0.49 R0.52 R1.74
Prepaid 79c R0.79 R0.49 R0.52 R1.74
NXT LVL* R1.55 R0.49 R0.52 R1.74
Anytime per second R1.25 R0.49 R0.52 R1.74
Khosi Bonus R1.55 R0.49 R0.52 R1.74
*Vodacom’s NXT LVL plan is only available to customers between the ages of 18 and 25.

Prepaid LTE bundles

Vodacom Prepaid LTE bundles
Data allocation Validity Price
2GB Anytime + 2GB Night Owl 14 days R49
5GB Anytime + 5GB Night Owl 30 days R99
10GB Anytime + 10GB Night Owl 31 days R149
20GB Anytime + 20GB Night Owl 32 days R199
50GB Anytime + 50GB Night Owl 33 days R299
100GB Anytime + 100GB Night Owl 34 days R349

NXT LVL bundles

Vodacom NXT LVL bundles
Allocation Validity Price
1GB social ticket 1 day R15
3GB social ticket 3 days R39
1.5GB data bundle 1 day R19
5GB data bundle + 5GB social ticket + 10GB Night Owl 7 days R49
30 minutes Vodacom to Vodacom calls 1 day R39
60 minutes Vodacom to Vodacom calls (allocated daily) 3 days R19
1GB data bundle + 2GB social ticket + 60 minutes any network calls 1 day R39
5GB data bundle + 5GB social ticket + 5GB Night Owl + 120 minutes any network calls 7 days R99

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Vodacom prepaid price plan comparison