Uncapped fixed-4G price shootout

While faster technologies like fibre and fixed-5G are available in South Africa for home Internet uses, 4G provides a more affordable option, with prices starting from R265 per month.

Fixed-4G connections also offer Internet connections to those living in areas without fibre of 5G coverage.

MyBroadband compared fixed-4G connections available in South Africa regarding pricing and their fair usage policies (FUPs).

Mobile operators implement FUPs, which throttle connection speeds once a specified data usage threshold is met, to protect the integrity of their networks.

The table below shows how each mobile operator’s spectrum allocation. We have included the theoretical maximum capacity of O-band fibre as a comparison to illustrate the bandwidth constraints under which wireless networks operate.

This is why mobile operators are unlikely to do away with FUPs for uncapped services, as there is essentially an upper limit to the amount of bandwidth a single cellular network can provide.

Network Capacity
Vodacom 191MHz
MTN 186MHz
Cell C 86MHz
Telkom 204MHz
Rain 213MHz
Fibre (O-band) 17,500,000MHz

Uncapped fixed-LTE price comparison

MTN offers the cheapest fixed-LTE package in South Africa at R265 per month. However, it has a hefty FUP, only letting users consume 100GB at 10Mbps before throttling speeds to 2Mbps.

Two other options are available for under R400 per month — Axxess’s 20Mbps and 50Mbps Uncapped LTE packages.

The former offers speeds up to 20Mbps, which are available until a threshold of 50GB, after which speeds are throttled to 2Mbps for the remainder of the billing period. It costs R299 per month.

Axxess’s 50Mbps Uncapped LTE plan has a 100GB FUP and costs R349 monthly.

Axxess and Afrihost sell fixed-LTE packages for both Telkom’s and MTN’s networks, while Supersonic uses MTN exclusively.

All MTN fixed-LTE connections feature a similar FUP approach, where speeds are throttled once to 2Mbps once the threshold is reached.

On the other hand, Telkom’s FUP adds another step. The network limits speeds to 4Mbps for 50GB once a specified threshold is met.

Once that 50GB is consumed, it throttles the connection further to 2Mbps.

We haven’t included Vodacom in the comparison as it doesn’t offer truly uncapped fixed-wireless packages, instead opting for large hard caps.

The table below summarises the pricing, features, and fair usage policies of uncapped LTE products available in South Africa. Telkom’s direct fixed-LTE pricing is contract-based. We used two-year contract pricing for the comparison.

Uncapped fixed-4G packages
Package Speed limits Fair usage policy Price
MTN Home Internet Starter Up to 10Mbps 100GB at 10Mbps, then 2Mbps R265
Axxess MTN 20Mbps Uncapped LTE Up to 20Mbps 50GB at 20Mbps, then 2Mbps R299
Axxess MTN 50Mbps Uncapped LTE Up to 50Mbps 100GB at 50Mbps, then 2Mbps R349
MTN Home Internet Pro Up to 20Mbps 400GB at 20Mbps, then 2Mbps R429
Telkom LTE All Hours 10Mbps Up to 10Mbps 500GB at 10Mbps, then 50GB at 4Mbps, then 2Mbps R449
Supersonic Home Fixed-LTE Lite Up to 30Mbps 400GB at 30Mbps, then 2Mbps R499
Axxess MTN 100Mbps Uncapped LTE Up to 100Mbps 400GB at 100Mbps, then 2Mbps R549
Afrihost Telkom Pure LTE Uncapped Up to 10Mbps 500GB at 10Mbps, then 50GB at 4Mbps, then 2Mbps R597
Telkom LTE All Hours 20Mbps Up to 20Mbps 600GB at 20Mbps, then 50GB at 4Mbps, then 2Mbps R599*
Axxess Telkom 10Mbps Uncapped LTE Up to 10Mbps 500GB at 10Mbps, then 50GB at 4Mbps, then 2Mbps R599
Axxess Telkom 20Mbps Uncapped LTE Up to 20Mbps 600GB at 20Mbps, then 50GB at 4Mbps, then 2Mbps R695
Axxess MTN 200Mbps Uncapped LTE Up to 200Mbps 650GB at 200Mbps, then 2Mbps R749
Supersonic Home Fixed-LTE Premium Up to 30Mbps 1TB at 30Mbps, then 2Mbps R899
Afrihost MTN Pure LTE Uncapped No limits 1TB at up to 150Mbps, then 1Mbps R949
Axxess MTN Pro Uncapped LTE No limits 1TB at best-effort speeds, then 1Mbps R949*
Afrihost Telkom Pure LTE Uncapped Up to 20Mbps 600GB at 20Mbps, then 50GB at 4Mbps, then 2Mbps R997
*Axxess is currently running a promotion on its Telkom 10Mbps uncapped and its MTN Uncapped LTE Pro plans. Those subscribing to the plans will pay a reduced price of R299 and R779, respectively. Axxess has not announced an end date for the MTN special but says it endeavours to inform customers 30 days before changing the price. The Telkom promotion applies to the first two months.

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Uncapped fixed-4G price shootout