Big MTN 4G and 5G network performance improvements in Gqeberha

MTN has implemented enhancements to its 4G and 5G networks in Gqeberha, significantly improving its mobile data network’s download speeds, upload speeds, and latency.

MTN made network improvements following an analysis of data sourced from the MyBroadband Speed Test platform.

The MyBroadband Speed Test platform is one of the many tools MTN uses to compare its performance against other networks, and against its own benchmarks.

Thanks to MyBroadband Speed Test’s focus on providing impartial data that reflects actual user experience, MTN was able to identify how it could improve its 4G and 5G networks in Gqeberha in a way that delivered immediate benefits to its customers.

The MTN network team’s first step was to use the MyBroadband Speed Test platform to identify areas where its performance was lower than expected.

Once it had identified the sub-par results within the Gqeberha area, it immediately launched an investigation into the possible issues affecting its network.

This investigation revealed network interference in the area, which MTN’s network team diagnosed and addressed — making the required changes to reduce the interference.

MTN’s 4G and 5G network performance in Gqeberha immediately improved, with download and upload speeds and latency benefits observed.

To see how much MTN’s network performance improved in Gqeberha, MyBroadband compared the average Speed Test results for the month before MTN implemented its enhancements against the month after.

The performance improvements were clear, with the following results standing out:

  • 5G upload speeds increased by 48%
  • 4G upload speeds increased by 39%
  • 4G download speeds increased by 11%
  • 4G latency improved by 6.7%

The table below details the full results of the tests conducted by MyBroadband on MTN’s network in Gqeberha.

4G Tests Before After Improvement
Download Speed (Mbps) 61.3 68.2 11.2%
Upload Speed (Mbps) 10.7 14.9 39.2%
Latency (ms) 37.4 34.9 6.7%
5G Tests Before After Improvement
Download Speed (Mbps) 212.2 211.6 -0.3%
Upload Speed (Mbps) 15.9 23.6 48.1%
Latency (ms) 29.1 30.7 -5.4%

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Big MTN 4G and 5G network performance improvements in Gqeberha