New MTN business products

MTN announced new products for business users at an event in Johannesburg today (21 November), on the back of the unveiling of a revamped MTN Business.

Opening the new product showcase was the already-announced partnership with Afrihost, which the MTN spokesperson said was the first big project for the new enterprise business unit.

The yellow network went on to announce three other products for MTN Business: SME ProPack, Enterprise Closed User Group (ECUG), and push-to-talk.

MTN SME ProPack is a bundle of value-added services which includes the following:

  • MTN BizAssist: a concierge service
  • National Small Business Chamber membership
  • MTN 1–4–1: loyalty programme
  • MTN Active
  • MTN iMail – online voicemail service
  • Business Networking Platform
  • Google Adwords

To qualify for the ProPack, subscribers must be an existing MTN SME customer and register on the MTN Business website.

Zunaid Bulbulia
Zunaid Bulbulia, acting chief enterprise business officer


MTN’s Enterprise Closed User Group enters a space already contested by Telkom and Cell C, offering “vastly reduced call rates” between employees. Queried about pricing, MTN said that there are various bundles, which are tailored to customers after evaluating corporate requirements.


Although hardly a new technology, MTN’s push-to-talk (PTT) service also got a mention. MTN said that they’ve worked to make PTT more affordable and accessible.

It lets users set up groups enabling simultaneous voice communication with up to 25 users for a recurring, fixed monthly cost. Calls are routed securely over a data connection, MTN said.

The service is intended to complement and not replace emergency services technology such as TETRA.

Asked which handsets are supported, MTN said that they use the Samsung E500 for now, but that the next phase would be to make it available as an app.

Nomalanga Nkosi
Nomalanga Nkosi, who discussed the MTN PTT service

There are also handsets that can do TETRA and GSM, MTN said, so while emergency services would currently need to carry two devices, in future they could carry one to use TETRA and MTN PTT.

Questioned about the status of its previous PTT product, MTN said that it was launched on the Nokia platform and that support for it was pulled because PTT as a service didn’t do particularly well.

MTN is migrating 9,000 customers from Nokia to the new Samsung device.

Only launching Friday the 25th, pricing will be announced then.

According to MTN, the new (VAT inclusive) pricing for PTT will be R320 per line, and R390 pergroup. Each company has to sign up as a group for access, then the R320 per member.

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New MTN business products