MTN launches 3G/HSDPA bandwidth carry over

MTN will officially launch its ‘improved’ mobile broadband data bundles today which will offer more value to its subscribers and addresses some of the requests from the broadband community.

New value-adds

MTN’s data bundle prices will remain unchanged, but they will add value to their data offerings through additions like monthly bandwidth carry over and loading multiple bundles per account.

The biggest announcement from MTN is bandwidth carry over of unused data for 30 days on all data bundles.  This is something which many mobile broadband consumers have requested over the last few years, and MTN is the first cellular operator to launch this product.

MTN subscribers will also now be able to load any number of data bundles during any period without restrictions.  Up to now this was not possible but with MTN’s new service, subscribers will have full freedom when it comes to adding data bundles to their account and data-bundle top-ups.

A new addition to the previous MTN data service is that contract subscribers will have a choice of standard contract data bundles – with out-of-bundle usage – or have the data bundle implemented as a top-up bundle, safeguarding against high out-of-bundle bills.  This will allow subscribers to use their full data allowance, and then top-up with another data bundle when depleted.

MTN has further added a 3 GB data bundle for R 649.00 to compliment their existing data packages which had a maximum bundle size of 2 GB.  

There will also be a change to the cellphone provider’s current out-of-bundle pricing structure, which will follow a staggered pricing model of lower prices for higher out-of-bundle usage.  This new pricing structure will only apply to data bundle subscribers and not standard ad-hoc data users.

The new value-adds to the MTN mobile data services were implemented at midnight tonight. Good news for MTN data users is that they will immediately benefit from the changes which will automatically be assigned to their accounts.

More good news for broadband consumers is that MTN is planning another announcement regarding data bundles in around two month’s time.  MTN remains tight lipped about what this announcement will involve, but it may entail giving the consumer even more bang for their buck. 

New MTN data bundle value-adds – give your views

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MTN launches 3G/HSDPA bandwidth carry over