Getting the best cellular package, beware raw deals

The wide range of products offered by South Africa’s telecoms operators means that you have to remain well-informed to ensure that you get the best deal. In some cases there are packages which do not make financial sense.

Take Telkom Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Unlimited Voice deals. The operator’s price for the Galaxy S3 on its unlimited voice package is R1,499 per month – exactly the same as the Galaxy S4.

It clearly makes sense to select the Samsung Galaxy S4 instead of the older S3 model, but the deal is made even better because the Galaxy S4 comes with 2GB of data.

It is not clear why Telkom Mobile would not offer a discount on the Galaxy S3 if it wants to rid itself of old stock, but maybe there are enough ill-informed people to make this strategy work.

Telkom Mobile Samsung Galaxy unlimited deals
Telkom Mobile Samsung Galaxy unlimited deals

Cell C Smartdata bundle offerings

Cell C is offering six Smartdata bundle offerings: 50MB, 100MB, 300MB, 500MB, 1GB and 2GB.

The in-bundle and out-of-bundle prices are all 15c per MB, which means that it makes no sense to purchase a larger bundle.

To make matters worse, the 2GB bundle has the highest in-bundle rate of all the Smartdata bundle offerings (15.5c/MB – a figure which Cell C rounds down in their pricing chart below). This should further serve as encouragement to only buy a 50MB data bundle.

Cell C Smartdata bundle offerings
Cell C Smartdata bundle offerings

Vodacom pre-paid data

Vodacom has slashed its mobile broadband prices over the last few months, offering its lowest ever mobile data rates to subscribers.

The price of the company’s 100MB, 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, and 2GB data packages have been reduced, which means that they offer far better value for money than other options.

The company is also still offering its Broadband Advanced products, which are priced much higher than the current promotional prices.

The best advice is to select the most suitable data promotion from Vodacom, and to steer clear of any traditional (more expensive) Vodacom data products.

Vodacom data bundle prices
Vodacom data bundle prices

Do you know of any other bad products to avoid? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Getting the best cellular package, beware raw deals