Unlimited versus Limitless: Vodacom victory

Vodacom has lodged a successful Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) complaint against Telkom Mobile’s Limitless advertising campaign, arguing that the two packages are not comparable as suggested in the advertisement.

In its ASA complaint Vodacom argued that Telkom Mobile is misleading consumers into believing that its Unlimited package is comparable with Vodacom’s Red VIP product.

  • Vodacom Red for R1,999 per month: Limitless calls, Limitless SMS, 1.5GB of data, free high-end smartphone
  • Telkom Mobile Unlimited Voice for R1,199 per month: Unlimited calls, No SMS, No data, SIM-only

Vodacom highlighted that it spent around R23 million on its Limitless Red VIP advertising to date, and that Telkom Mobile is creating the impression that its product offers similar value.

Telkom Mobile denied claiming any similarity

Telkom Mobile denied claiming any similarity between its package Vodacom’s Limitless Red offering.

“The advertising makes no mention of SMS or data being included in the offering, and no reference is made to handsets; this is a SIM plan only,” said Telkom Mobile.

Telkom Mobile further claimed that it was merely coincidence that the “limitless character” in the advertisement was dressed in red.

ASA Ruling

The ASA was not convinced, saying that the reference to “Limitless”, the specific indication of a monthly price of R2,000, and the fact that the limitless character is wearing an entirely red outfit are not coincidental.

The ASA further said that Telkom Mobile’s Unlimited product and Vodacom’s Limitless product are not comparable, as one cannot make a like-for-like comparison.

The ASA hence ruled that Telkom Mobile’s television and radio commercials are communicating a misleading message, and ordered the company to withdraw these commercials with immediate effect.

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Unlimited versus Limitless: Vodacom victory