Afrihost Mobile top-up prices, other details emerge

Afrihost is planning to launch mobile data products within the next few months, and the company has now announced that their subscribers can expect to pay R99 per GB for top-ups. Other pricing information has not been released.

Afrihost’s mobile division, Afrihost Mobile, will be selling data-only SIM cards for its new data service.

This means that users who replace their current SIM card with an Afrihost SIM will be on data-only service, which will not allow cellular calls. VoIP calls will work.

Afrihost explained that their main focus is providing mobile data for devices such as tablets, dongles, and MiFi modems.

“What you can of course also do is pop a SIM card into a MiFi and connect to the MiFi from your phone – which gives you best of both (i.e. affordable data and phone calls/SMS etc),” explained Afrihost’s Tyler Theron.

Good news for current MTN contract subscribers is that they will be able to use the Afrihost APN (access point) on their device without the need to use a separate Afrihost SIM.

“You can do voice and SMS via MTN and Data via Afrihost, all via your existing SIM card,” said Theron.

Afrihost previously said that they will have no out-of-bundle charges – instead opting for capping subscribers when they hit their monthly usage allowance.

The company will also not offer any mobile data contracts. Their products will be offered “month-to-month” – a hybrid between pre-paid and contract.

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Afrihost Mobile top-up prices, other details emerge