Wi-Fi versus 3G, 4G in South Africa

Sebastien Crozier, head of Orange Horizons, predicts that in a few years, 50% of mobile data will be delivered via Wi-Fi, and only 50% through 3G or 4G.

Speaking to Hilton Tarrant from Moneyweb, Crozier said that offloading mobile data traffic onto Wi-Fi networks is a growing trend to accommodate growing demand.

Crozier said that he is not sure whether 4G will be able to deliver on the growing mobile data demand, creating the need for other wireless networks to carry the load.

South Africa’s poor Wi-Fi infrastructure, however, can become a problem for the country.

“We think that the lack of Wi-Fi is going to be difficult for the country [South Africa] because its [mobile data networks are] going to be completely full and the quality of the 4G is not going to be there,” said Crozier.

Orange is building a Wi-Fi network to prepare for the growing data demand. “We have decided to launch a Wi-Fi network at first targeting customers coming from abroad, because when you come from abroad you’re also afraid about your bill shock,” said Crozier.

He said that the Orange brand is powerful, and expect many foreigners visiting South Africa to use their Wi-Fi network.

“We think it’s a good thing for South Africa because you’ll be able to have a better customer experience and you will increase the tourist attraction,” said Crozier.

Full interview with Sebastien Crozier here

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Wi-Fi versus 3G, 4G in South Africa