Biggest mobile websites in South Africa

The advances in both cellular network technology and handset technology mean that mobile phones have become a popular medium to consume online content.  With speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and large touch screen displays, visiting websites and downloading content online is no longer an unpleasant experience.

Many online publishers have launched mobile websites – typically a trimmed down version of their standard online presence – to make it easier for cell phone users to navigate the website on a small screen. 

To establish which mobile websites are the most popular in South Africa is however not an easy task.  It is difficult to find audited statistics about local mobile websites and not all mobile sites run tracking code from providers like Google Analytics or Nielsen Online.

Nielsen Online provides arguably one of the best mobile website statistic services, providing audited statistics for many of the biggest mobile websites in the country. 

According to Nielsen Online Soccer Laduma Mobile is the largest mobile website in SA with over 220 000 unique monthly visitors in July.  Laduma is followed by’s Mobile WAP website with 135 000 unique monthly visitors and Times Mobile with 33 000 unique visitors.

The Top 10 mobile websites in SA are completed by Vodacom’s MMS Cards, MyBroadband Mobile, Blueworld Mobile, Kick Off South Africa Mobile, IOL Mobile, Homeground and Trudon Mobile.

While the numbers from Nielsen Online provides an overview of some of the more popular mobile websites in the country, Vodacom’s Vodafone Live and MTN’s Loaded online portals are likely two of the most popular mobile destinations in South Africa.

Another source of mobile web information comes from Opera’s State of the Mobile Web which provides a snapshot of top 10 websites visited by South Africans using Opera Mini. 

According to the April 2009 Opera State of the Mobile Web is the most popular website on mobile phones in the country, followed by and  The Top 10 is completed by,,,,, and

These websites are however not local mobile websites, but rather the most popular websites amoung South Africans using a mobile phone and Opera Mini to consume online content.

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Biggest mobile websites in South Africa