RSAWEB launches Flex Cloud

RSAWEB has unveiled its Flex Cloud service, offering an easy-to-use cloud hosting platform for JAVA, Ruby, and PHP.

RSAWEB’s Flex Cloud service is based on Jelastic’s technology, which offers a platform-as-infrastructure service for Java and PHP hosting.

Jelastic’s offering is unique in the hosting environment as it does not have limitations or code change requirements.

The service offers support for a number of open software stacks, the ability to deploy via Git or SVN, and version control.

RSAWEB explained that its Flex Cloud service allows developers, software agencies, and SaaS vendors to increase efficiency by decreasing the amount of time spent on infrastructure and server management.

“Through Flex Cloud, we remove the need for developers to deal with in-house server admins while allowing them to code with no code changes or specific API requirements,” said RSAWEB.

“Flex Cloud also offers single, one-click deployment. Now developers can simply upload their code, choose the right environment, and deploy.”

The platform allows for vertical auto-scaling, horizontal scaling, and real-time information on a hosting clients’ CPU, RAM, storage, and traffic consumption.

Flex Cloud pricing

Hosting is billed based on the hourly computing power required by an application, using a combined unit called “Cloudlets” which measures both memory and processing requirements.

A Cloudlet equates to roughly 128MB RAM and a 200MHz CPU, according to the RSAWEB website.

10GB of traffic and 1GB of storage is included in the hosting for free.

Data transfer is then charged at R2 per GB for the next additional terabyte of traffic, and R1.50 thereafter. Extra storage costs R15 per GB.

RSAWEB is currently offering a free 14-day trial of Flex Cloud to users.

RSAWeb Flex Cloud Dynamic pricing Reserved pricing
RAM Cloudlets Hourly Monthly Hourly Monthly
128MB – 1GB 1 R0.1500 R109.50 R0.1350 R98.55
1.1GB – 1.9GB 8 R0.14225 R832.20 R0.1275 R744.60
2.0GB – 3.8GB 15 R0.1350 R1,478.25 R0.1200 R1,314.00
3.9GB – 7.5GB 30 R0.1275 R2,792.25 R0.1125 R2,463.75
7.6GB – 15.2GB 60 R0.1200 R5,256.00 R0.1050 R4,599.00
15.3GB – 30.6GB 120 R0.1125 R9,855.00 R0.0975 R8,541.00
30.7 GB > 240 R0.1125 R18,396 R0.0900 R15,768.00

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RSAWEB launches Flex Cloud